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Capture to Nurture - Capture 'O' Graphy

When you realize what gives you happiness, it�s time to jump in and turn your passion to profession. Here is one such example who just felt what his heart beats for and left his highly paid job to pursue his passion of helping youngsters in the field of photography.
I will not be surprised if there comes a day when there are no pamphlets or any adverts marketed on paper. It’s the period of digitalization where, for every smallest advert, you will use a photograph or a video to attract the customer base” says Kiran Patthi, founder of Capture ‘O’ Graphy, a unique concept that emerged as a result of his passion towards teaching and photography.
Capture 'O' Graphy
A family event was the first time when he came across a camera where he got a chance to capture the moments with the camera of his brother’s and that was when the magical spark passed in him and made him realize his love for it. The event ended, but not his love towards the camera, which made him continue to learn more about the art of capturing images through his own experiments and experiences. Wild-life photography became one of his favourites, where he explored his talents to capture and also realized that he could do more, and work on his abilities to click better pictures in different ways and forms. He was unsure if he was truly passionate about it or if it was an interest as a hobby and hence, he continued working in the discipline of research and sales. His experiences in training people and the responses made Kiran realize his interest in teaching too. More such incidents added to his experiences which helped him understand what gave him more happiness and joy.

Photography has now become one of the trend-setter hobbies and a lot of youngsters today, are able to click some real good images to reflect a thought, but, there are a very few who get an opportunity to connect to professional photographers who could guide them learn better”, he says. The same challenge that he faced in his college days made Kiran decide to help such aspirants, but, it was surely a challenging decision he had to take, to quit a highly paid job and teach the aspiring photographers, when he also knew it was not easy to gain the trust of the society. “It was the most crucial part of my life when I had to decide between passion and money. I knew that I wouldn’t earn much if I started my venture but if I continued to work, I believed that I could live a luxury life. I feel that when people say they are passionate about something but shall start after a few years, it is an excuse to not to quit their job but, that isn’t me. The minute I realized that my heart craved for photography, I resigned my job and started working towards my passion”.
Capture 'O' Graphy
More challenges emerged as he started and understood that many parents were insecure to send their children out of the educational institutions they pursued graduation courses, for additional courses or workshops, especially in a country like India. That was when he decided to teach the students within their campuses, for which, the management of the institutions had to lend their hands of support, which was again a dare for him to face. There were many institutes which disagreed to support his vision for a few months after which, one of the top colleges of the city approved his proposal to conduct photography workshops within the institution. That gave a kick start to his venture and eventually, more colleges were ready to support his vision of helping aspiring photographers to get guided in the right way and from the professionals in the field.

Capture ‘O’ Graphy, not only helps students through its workshops, but also, the general public is often given opportunities to learn about photography and photo walks have been loved the most, by the crowd. Apart from teaching, Capture ‘O’ Graphy also shoots commercial photographs in the fields of fashion, architecture, event and products, where clients from Fair Field Mariott, The Chancery Pavilion, Toboc Deals and more, have been benefited through their associations with them. The day is not far where every business will require digitized marketing to help a better reach in this era, where photographs and videos have become the most popular medium to reach the society on a large scale and Kiran firmly believes, Capture ‘O’ Graphy shall be the medium to help create the best images.
Capture 'O' Graphy
Varied experiences from his childhood where he had to take decisions, and incidents where he found successful results whenever he took such decisions, helped Kiran understand himself and his abilities, that made his inner-self, entrepreneurial. He adds, “I believed in my decisions and immediately, took action towards them, which started succeeding. The more I found myself successful, the more my confidence grew and the more my confidence grew, the better I performed. I understood this is the key and used it to the best of my ability to get better results. Along with all of this, I knew preparation was an important aspect when I had to teach. I knew I had to learn more to teach more and also ensure that the curiosity in the students, to learn, was never let down. There have been incidences where the responses have added courage and inspiration to energize myself to do more. All of this started with just a belief that I CAN DO IT”.
When you know that you will face criticism if you are innovating something new, it is better to be prepared for it. Don’t waste your energy in making people understand what you wish to do, instead allow yourself to take the criticism, turn it into positivity, and prove to the world through results” says Kiran when asked how he faced such challenges which every beginner faces. To become extra ordinary from an ordinary, does not need money or people, but it needs self-belief and is the lesson that his life has taught. There are many such youngsters today who find happiness in something other than their field of work or studies, but, not many  step forward to walk towards their passion because of the fear of what the society feels, or the fear of loss of money, or the fear of failure. Had this young man feared for any of these, a lot of youngsters would have not got a chance to learn the art of photography. One strong decision has today lead hundreds of passionate photographers to expertise their abilities and this shall not stop, if they too decide to overcome their fears to achieve their goals of life. There is never a right time to start. The time turns to become right, when you decide to start and now, is the time for you to decide whether you will still wait for the right time or act upon your dreams to set your time right!

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