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Adversity causes Breakdown, sometimes Break records. Meet the Record Breaker - Komal Bhopi!

There are a lot of girls who do not tend to do what they are passionate about, just because of the situations at home, which do not allow them to move a step ahead. Here is someone from a similar situation, who has broken such barriers to do what her heart feels! Read on
Brought up in a joint family, in a 10X10 Square feet house, she learnt the struggles of life. Growing up with 4 siblings, she learnt to share what she had. Having studied in more than 5 different institutes for her education, she understood the varied education systems in schools and colleges. Seeing her father work so hard, she learned that efforts are important to achieve. Finding a platform to get exposed to the society, today, she stands as an inspiration for a lot of young woman, from across the country. Meet Komal Bhopi, a third year engineering student from MGM’s college of Engineering, Mumbai.
Komal Bhopi
As a child, Komal was brought up in a joint family, with a lot of struggles and challenges. Her father owned a flour mill where he would earn about 300 to 500 rupees a day. The family was not in a good condition and there were times when Komal happened to suffer from a few physical health issues too and there was once a time, when her grandmother even sold her chain to get her granddaughter treated. She happened to study in a school where she was always active in her extracurricular activities, and most of her teachers encouraged her to do so. She scored average marks, was still appreciated for all that she did and hence, she always worked in her comfort levels. She happened to study in a different school in her 6th grade, which was a different environment from her previous school. A feel of competition and restriction always held her a step back in doing what she wanted to.

Influenced by her friends who would buy branded stationeries, she wanted them too, although she knew, her family was not in a situation to spend much for her, but, her father was always there to support her and bought all that she wanted in spite of the hard situation. She continued her education in the same school until her 10th grade, when the teachers and the school authorities were partial and tried not to allow her to write her exams, her father came to her support and tried all that was possible to protect her. They filed a case against the school for misusing their authority and the school happened to close. It was a hard situation for Komal since she had to get her admissions from another school, during the mid of the academic year, which was almost impossible, but, once again, her father came to her rescue, struggled to get her admissions in a school and helped continue her schooling.

Her father always dreamt to become a civil engineer, which became almost impossible due to family situations and hence, wanted to make his daughters, engineers. Komal pursued her diploma at “Bharti Vidyapeeth, polytechnic & institute of technology”, which is a reputed college in the city. After her diploma, she further wanted to take up engineering, for which, she took a break for a year since, she happened to get a seat in a city outside Mumbai and her father, who agreed after pleading him a lot, she felt that her father would always be right if he had taken a decision and hence, decided to stay back in the city. For a year, she took up courses  like CCNS(CMS Certified Network Specialist) from private institute where she also happened to learned to repair computer hardware from one of her friends.
Komal Bhopi
The next year, she happened to get her seat allotted in MGM’s college of Engineering, where she currently pursues her education. During one of her lecture in her second year, a gentle man entered the class. Like every other student, she also thought that the person had come for promotion of some kind of course, but, that was not the case. He happened to inspire each of them, triggered their inner souls and made them realize the purpose of life. Komal realized that the time had come, for her to make her father proud, for all the struggles he had been through, to bring her up.

She was inspired by this person who influenced them all towards positivity and is today, her mentor, Mr. Bharath GC. Komal happened to attend the conference for which she was invited by him. She happened to listen to the international speaker, Mr. Sujit Lalwani(founder and director, Inspiration Unlimited), who inspired the whole of the crowd and this, became the life changing experience for Komal. “As the conference started, there were more speakers after Bharath sir and Sujit sir spoke. Kavyashree ma’am, the lady who made me believe I could do anything if I was guided by these people. I also got a chance to meet Dr. Surendra Ayer sir after the day of the conference. He inspired me and introduced to me, a great platform called i3 (Influence Inspire Impact) and as I shared my dreams he immediately said, ‘Komal you are confused’ and he also said, ‘Believe in Me!!’. That was when, my life changing journey started!” recalls Komal, of how she started working hard towards her dreams.

On one side, Komal got connected to numerous achievers and on the other side, she happened to meet a lot of people from different levels in the society. She executed projects where she impacted thousands of lives. She shares about her experience at i3, “My mentors introduced  a new Komal to me. I was unaware about my own potential. My Mentors just nurtured me like a  new born baby. We contributed our bit to the society when we executed the social projects. All thoughts turned into ACTION and it made me satisfied. I went through a lot of rejections and challenges, but that only made me stronger. I happened to be the reason to inspire about 25,000 children from government schools through one of the projects, IUY2C. I was also chosen to become the delegate of the week for  one of the projects  I executed”. In a matter of 12 weeks, Komal was the reason to impact, not less than 50,000 people during the course of i3. Not just impacting the society, but, eventually, she is now a speaker, being invited in various colleges to inspire the young generation people.“i3 gave me the first opportunity to overcome stage fear. It helped me develop my personality. This is a practical WORLD, which believes only in practicality. After the course, I got many opportunities and I must say, the strength to grab them was also given by i3” she adds. Her determination and dedication became the reason for her, to be the only girl, tagged a True IUITE amonst the 5 True IUITEs of season 1 of i3, Mumbai.

She continues to inspire more people, as one of the ambassadors of i3, from across the country. Komal walks towards her dream of being the reason for a change in her society and also, make her parents proud. With a lot of passion to help the youth of her country, she shares a short message to the youth, with a lot of meaning,
“Don't wait for BIG opportunities. Grab small ones and create BIG results. An ordinary person waits for opportunities, while the extra-ordinary, creates one!”

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