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All That Goes Into Making Something Big

Barsha Rani Hota, the Business Events Secretary of the Xpressions steering committee, X-Ste-C, is extremely excited about the upcoming fest Xpressions'15, the biggest Management-Cultural fest of Eastern India. In this candid interview she opens up about herself and about the much talked about event.
Q. What does Xpressions mean to you and what is your role in Xpressions?

A. Xpressions means life for me in XIMB. It's a medium through which I keep myself busy because, no doubt studies are a part of my life, but I am a person who loves doing extracurricular activities. I love managing events. Xpressions gives me a forum through which I can do whatever I feel like. I can go to any limit, I can do any creative thing, I can end things, I can start things, I can do anything! Thus Xpressions plays a vital part in my life.
Q. So who is the real Barsha Rani Hota?

A. The real Barsha Rani Hota, you will find, is a person who keeps smiling throughout the day, who loves seeing the smile on people's faces. I take inspiration from each and every person I come across, because everyone here has some extra ordinary feature and that's the reason you will find me gelling and socializing with everyone and doing actual networking.

Q. What has been the team's inspiration this year for Xpressions?

A. The team's inspiration has always been to make an Xpressions that is bigger and better than what our seniors did. That is what we are doing. But yes, we have planned to inculcate the ideas that our faculty had and we wanted to give a social message to the society that Xpressions is not only a cultural and management fest, but it also gives back to society. Basically we can see that the fest is overpowered by the celebrity night and the events, but XIMB is one of the reputed B-schools. We take pride in organizing the best B-School events. Like the game committees we have, they go for real life business simulations. They actually teach how to develop and market a product, providing practical learning (to shadow members). Not only post grads and under grads, but people from all age groups come and participate and there is something or the other for everyone.
Q. So what have you learnt from the entire experience of Xpressions?

A. From my entire experience of Xpressions, I can say that now I don’t have the fear of approaching any person in any company, because throughout this event we have pitched to a lot of companies to ask for help and ideas so that we can make this a better event. In the due course of time we have met people who are not only in a very good position, but they also inspire you. They let you be yourself and thus they help you.  That has been a great learning for me.

Q. What are your gols in life and how do you think Xpressions has helped you achieve those goals?

A. I never had a single goal. I always thought of multi tasking. I thought of keeping myself engaged for the entire day and Xpressions has helped me a lot in that because we keep ourselves busy for the entire day. We have cross functional working. No doubt, I am the business events Secretary of Xpressions, but it is not like my role is confined to business games. We also work with operations team, we also work with the marketing team for sponsorships, we work for everything. Now I have a holistic view of everything that a person needs to go ahead in life.
Q. As an X-SteC core, what was the biggest challenge that you faced?

A. The biggest challenge we faced was to keep ourselves motivated through the entire hectic situation and to motivate people to work with us. We see Xpressions as a dream and a challenge, but inspiring people to work for the same cause was a challenge.

Q. What role do you think colleges and college fests can play in inspiring the youth?

A. We learn how to be good team players and work hard, overcoming different challenges and ultimately to give our best.
Q. What would be your message to the youth?

A. My message to the youth would be irrespective of what you have in your mind, whether you have personal or academic problems, keep yourself busy to achieve a particular goal and then you will have the power to overcome it. You will have the support from society which will help you. SO stay focussed!

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