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Gaining back the lost voice, after a Decade. A Journey from Depression, to Inspiration - Vinay Kumar

Most of us go through situation where we are laughed at, for what we do or talk some times by mistake. Read the story of a boy who was laughed at, for more than 15 years of his life and how he comes out of the depression and today, is an inspiration for thousands of people who go through similar situations in life!
“I was called the dumbest person on earth, till I found a platform where I enhanced my skills and I am currently the Business Development Executive in a renowned company” says Vinay Kumar, working at Total Toys, an online store that sells toys for kids, at cheapest rates.
Vinay Kumar
Vinay grew up like any other normal child until he was 12. This became the turning point of his life, that actually took him down to worst situations of life. An accident that ruined his life for some time, because of which he could not speak well or pronounce words well since, his chin and throat were hurt. All his school days, people around him laughed at his speech and hence, he decided to speak less and maintained the same till he completed his 10th grade. He thought he could start speaking, since he was now in a different educational institute to continue his studies. The story continued and once again, people around laughed at him for his way of speech and thus, he had to once again stop speaking more. This continued even during his graduating college, where he pursued his B.Com. By now, Vinay was already depressed, since he had no friends, with whom he could share his feelings. He only lived a life for the sake of it.

During his second semester, he failed in an examination, because of which, his mates taunted him more, laughing at his failure. That was when his mom said, “You haven’t failed in life!”. Although, he was motivated when he heard this, he was motivated, but, the motivation remained only for a few days and he was back to the depression phase. Since he had nothing much to do when he got a year back, he decided to atleast become independent and hence, started working for a company called Nu Dzine, where he gained knowledge about the industry, also, earned a sum of money. In this phase of depression, there came a day, where he believed, he could also achieve like many others who  have achieved. “I got a chance to meet two superstars in blazers, who introduced themselves as Mr. Bharath GC and Kunal Taswala. They shared a lot about life of a youth and I could connect a lot of what they told, to my life too. So, I decided to be a part of the conference they invited me for. I still remember, I sat at the last 4th row and once again, I got a chance to see Bharath GC sir speak and inspire all of us. Then, he invited a person, who came like a thunder, inspiring us all with his highest energy and that was Sujit Lalwani sir. Listen to his speech, I became so emotional that I happened to cry for the first ever time. I believed I could also be one such speaker if I could learn from such people. That was it! And there was never a look-back” he says.
Vinay Kumar
He got connected to the set of people who inspired him. He wanted to learn more from them and his passion led them to introduce him to the platform of i3, which has today created revolution across the country by helping hundreds of youth, live their dream. Vinay started attending conferences at i3, where he happened to meet a lot of entrepreneurs and inspiring personalities. Every conference gave a new dimension to his life and it only made him believe more in himself. “I still remember the first ever conference hosted by Sujit Lalwani sir, where we got to know the complete details of how our life would change through the platform. We also got a chance to listen to Mr. Michael Teoh from Malaysia, from whom we learned about unleashing our inner potentials. 14 weeks of conferences had completely made me forget what others think of me. I only knew I could do more if I believed in it. Every conference got me connected to inspiring individuals from whom I learned about living life for a purpose. Each of the conference took me a step higher because, we not only listened to the counsellors, but, also happened to execute social projects which helped improve the way I speak. I was able to communicate better. I learnt that life is all about living it and not just dreaming. Slowly, my mindset changed from a guy who was useless to someone who could be the reason for productivity” reminisces Vinay. After he graduated from i3, he had come back with the highest amount of confidence that could never be broken. He started working with different companies and with various designations. He also worked for a company of his friend’s, where he was dissatisfied with the culture in the organization and hence he decide to quit working there. He remembers his friend who said, “You are useless!” and his reply was, “I am not useless. I was used less!”. With the guidance of his mentors, he ended up settling at Total Toys where he joined as a Marketing Executive and within a month’s time, he was promoted as a Business Development Executive, with twice the pay he got earlier. He is currently living a life with unlimited joy and thanks i3 for making him an independent and a confident person, “i3 is the path of success. I am what I am, because of i3 and my mentors. Dear past, thanks for the lesson.  Dear future, I’m ready to face you!!”

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