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Krishna Mahapatra is the Business events secretary of X-SteC, the Xpressions Steering Committee. In this interview he tells us a little about himself and the work that goes behind making Xpressions the largest fest in Eastern India
Q. So, tell me a little about yourself and your role in Xpressions.

A. I am a workaholic guy who loves to work. I have been a part of Xpressions'14 and now I am a core member of Xpressions'15. Since I love working, along with my studies, this has been my passion to work for the committees. In XIMB as we know there are more than 25 committees and all the committees work for the sole reason of Xpressions and for me it is like a dream that I live every day, every moment of my life. So I am happy to be a part of Xpressions'15.
Q. Why X-SteC among all committees?

A. The sole reason of being in X-SteC is that it is the only platform and only committee where you have no limits. The sky is the limit! It doesn’t matter how big you want to make the event, there is no one to stop you. You want to make it bigger? Go ahead! You can make it. We made it much bigger and better than last time. We are planning that every year when people come and take this job, it is with the same passion as we do. This is the only committee that also gives a chance to your creativity and hard work. It requires every knowledge you have; like your marketing skills, your financial skills or any skills. It is a good way to showcase and polish the qualities that you have.

Q. What was the biggest challenge that you faced in organizing Xpressions and how did you overcome it?

A. For me, being a part of X-SteC and being in the new campus, the biggest challenge was commuting between the two campuses and keeping people enthusiastic about the programme, because connecting the campuses and having the feel of Xpressions in both the campuses when it is being conducted in one campus is very tough. I think I did justice to it because today we have equal number of participants, rather more enthusiastic participants from both campuses equally. That is my biggest achievement, that I could marginalize campus differences here. Now it is a thin line that we have.  Now it is just present in people's minds that they are present in different campuses. But to talk about the shadow members and core members of X-SteC, we have shown in our work that  campuses are not a difference, in spite of the campuses being 25kms apart.

Q. What inspires you the most in life?

A. My inspirations are my mom and dad and they truly inspire me a lot. My mom is a working lady and she completed her post graduation and she has a PhD and is a scientist, so I learn a lot from her. I have constantly been trained by her in every field of my life, be it studies or any other field. So her view point is that it doesn’t matter if you want to try something, even if you lose it doesn’t matter. You should try everything in your life. That is the sole reason that I have participated in everything in my life. Be it any event at least participate, even if you don’t get any accolades from it. I may not have any accolades from those but I have participated. And by god's grace, I have accolades in almost everything that I have participated in, be it painting or anything else. So I am thankful to her for keeping me inspired. Even now the backing that my family gives because I have not been able to call them properly as we work day in and day out. In spite of that they have always supported me.
Q. How do you think Xpressions can be used as a medium to inspire the youth?

A. I think Xpressions is the best medium or the biggest podium to show that you can get yourself inspired and work in any field that you want. The best thing is, this whole idea of Xpressions must have started somewhere in some batch. It had started with some other thought. But today we have added feathers to it. Today we do pre Xpressions events which are a give back to the society. When you talk about X-Pallavan or X-Athon, this time we did X-Athon for save the girl child and people participated in it and supported us. So that shows that society also wants to give back. The only thing is we need a forum where thet can come and do that. So the youth coming on a Sunday and on a holiday and running for a cause is the best proof that people are ready to help.

Q. What is the one thing about Xpressions that you are looking forward to the most?

A. The moment Vishal- Shekhar will end their concert I think I will be in tears. Seriously! Because for the last 8-9 months, all that I have been thinking about is Xpressions. Even in my washroom I have been thinking about Xpressions! This is the extent to which I have been involved in it. So I don’t know what will happen on 16th of November when there would be no more phone calls or no more whatsapps and I will be in a serene mode. I don’t know how to express it. So I am waiting for the event to get over, but at the same time I don’t want it to get over. It's like a drug effect.
Q. What is the one message you have for the youth?

A. I being a part of the youth, the best message I  have is that we should use our energies on something or the other. It doesn’t require that everyone is involved in organizing a fest. There should be people standing outside the stage also to clap. If everyone performs on the stage also it is not good, right? I think people should be there to clap also. It is equally important to be a good audience and at every point in life we should have something that inspires us to do something and we should work for that. We shouldn’t stop, in spite of the few sacrifices that  we have to make. We have sacrificed lots of classes, sacrificed a lot of sleep so you also need to sacrifice something, then only you get something. Out of Xpressions, all you get is pleasure.

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