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The shades of Ximb at Xpressions '15

Xpressions 15
After an outstanding event last year, Xpressions 2015 is all set to bring out the best in XIMB this November. Xpressions, the Annual management-cultural fest of Xavier Institute of Management, Xavier University witnessed the participation of over 1000 enthusiastic students from all over the country. A plethora of events ranging from business competitions to cultural shows were lined up for participants to showcase their technical and extra-curricular skills.

Case in point, Goonj, InQuizzite, Decibelz, Xpressions in 60 seconds, Final cut and Carnival De Vogue are some of the popular events of Xpressions which has attracted a huge crowd of super talented participants. The three day event had opened up a lot of opportunities to learn and explore the different aspects of the management cum cultural fest. All fields of interest were given equal focus and emphasis was given on promoting the different parts of the event.
Xpressions 15
The major attraction of the day was NBA-JAM and the EDM Night with DJ Nucleya. For all the basketball aficionados, Ranvijay Singha showed a whole new door of Inspiration at the NBA-JAM. Budding players set out for trial matches and shootouts in the NBA relay. NBA-JAM acted as a catalyst for all those who are interested in basketball and who wanted to give it a try. The EDM Night saw a huge crowd of Electronic music lovers and created an ambience of trance. Various gaming events like Gladiator, Helios, Kurushetra, Skill City and Spardha gave a platform for participants for applying their intellectual and creative skills into action. These events sourced the imaginativeness of people and encouraged the spectators to give it a go.
Along with the whole day of entertaining events and functions, the Xpressions 2015 edition saw a huge pool of prospective future talents. The event seemed as a sauce of adroitness and creativity. Inspiration to work and try new things spurted up during the daylong events of Xpressions. With the finale of a great first day of Xpressions, one can just wait for a more exciting and inspiring event in the other two days of the Xpressions. This time, it’s going to be bigger, better and crazier!

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