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Two Year-Back from VTU, to UN Headquarters, USA

Life cannot be taught by education, but, has to be learned through experience. The real life example is here. Read on to know the story of how he happened to reach the US, in spite of the education system that tried to ruin his life!
Meet Mr. Subhash KC, President of World Merit India Council and Founder of Credence Robotics. Subhash founded his company during his second year of engineering when he decided to create awareness among youngsters about various technologies.
Subhash KC
His passion towards robotics started during his vacations after the completion of 10th grade, when he joined a course where they taught him about robotics. They showed him a few videos on robotics, which showed creation of simple robots and this caught his interest. The very first time he participated in a robotics competition, which had participants nation-wide, and Subhash was still in his 1st year of pre-university (PU), but his belief system was so high that, along with his team, he happened to win the 9th position amongst all those who participated. His team seemed to be the youngest, though. This became the energy booster that made him believe that he could achieve big, if he continued in the stream. He got connected to people who won the competition, who could guide him to improve his knowledge. He attended variety of competitions, where he gained the knowledge to become better problem solver.

He completed his 2nd year of PU with decent scores, and happened to take up engineering course at Amruta College of Engineering, Bangalore, affiliated to VTU (Visweswaraya Technological University). He continued to participate in competitions, and got a chance to participate in IEEE All India Young Engineers' Humanitarian Challenge, where there were participants from the top institutes of the country, Subhash and his team reached the 3rd position out of 1000 teams that participated. There was no support from his college lecturers, instead, they bullied him saying that he would end up no-where if he continued. His parents did not want him to participate in competitions since they wanted him to study, but Subhash’s interest still made him attend competitions and for the sake of it, he joined tutorials, so that, he could give his parents, the reason of tuitions and then, go out to participate in competitions and workshops.
Subhash KC
On the other end, Subhash failed to score marks and pass his examination, because of which he got a year back. Instead of being worried about it, he only felt that, there were more such students like him, who would be interested in technology, but had no support. So, he decided to be the moral support for such students and started to conduct workshops for such students in his own room. “The workshop idea clicked well! The news went viral in my college and more students wanted to be a part of the workshop. Meanwhile, I happened to gain friends who joined me, to help conduct more workshops. Finally, I cleared my examinations and entered my college again. My lecturers and friends continued to taunt me asking me to stop robotics atleast then, so that I could pass my examinations from then. No one understood that I represented my college in national level competitions which had a lot of value. Unfortunately, I could not clear one subject, because of which I had to spend another year without college. I was devastated since I had some hopes on my college thinking they would support me, which I realised late that it was a false hope. This was when I had even thought of killing myself. That didn’t happen anyways. Coming back, I had applied for revaluation of my answer paper and was waiting for the results. Hence, I could attend classes and that was when, I happened to see a gentleman, Bharath GC sir, who walked into our class in a suit, with a broad smile. I thought that we finally had people coming to recruit us, but then, he inspired us to be a part of an inspirational talk of an International speaker, Mr. Sujit Lalwani. I attended the conference and Sujit sir spoke about madness and I knew what madness meant, since I was so madly in love with robotics. I loved the conference and we were also introduced to a platform called as iU1010 to help us become betteer leaders. I registered to be a part of it and that became the new start to my journey” he says.
Subhash KC
He began his journey at iU1010, where he executed numerous social projects impacting the society, and was tagged the superstar of season4 of iU1010. He immediately got to know about another platform called as i3 (influence, inspire, impact), where the youth got a chance to connect to inspiring individuals and also work on social projects to develop their personality. Subhash began to meet a lot of entrepreneurs at i3, from whom he learned about the purpose of life and realised how important it is to believe in his dreams. Once again, he was tagged as one of the 5 True IUITEs of the season for having created a massive impact.

Simultaneously, Subhash got an opportunity to become the President of World Merit India Council, where he got a chance to showcase his leadership qualities, by helping a lot of youth through the platform of World Merit, that connects talented youth with opportunities and is focused on creating a positive change. Subhash led the council amazingly well, where the council was responsible for creating an impact of, not less than 1,00,000 people from across the country, within a year, through the execution of 6 different social projects on different days. His leadership was recognized by the senior management of World Merit and hence, he was chosen to fly down to the U.S to discuss on various issues to help create a change and also, to attend the Nexus Global Summit at the UN Headquarters. Once again, India was made proud by his representation at a global platform. His parents are equally proud to have had a son like him. By the way, Subhash was still waiting for his results of his final year of engineering when he returned from the U.S! Marks did not measure his ability to achieve, but his actions did!

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