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Walk Free - The Movement to End Modern Slavery

The Walk Free Movement was started by The Walk Free™ Foundation  to bring together the voice of individuals and hundreds of organizations around the world who all share the goal of ending modern slavery. Today, this united community, through the Walk Free Movement, focuses their voice and coordinates their actions to demand an end to the nightmare of modern slavery, amplifying the power of those organizations working tirelessly to secure change. We are seeking to continually strengthen and grow to achieve a world in which slavery is intolerable.
Walk Free
The Walk Free™ Foundation’s mission is to end modern slavery in our generation by mobilizing a global activist movement, generating the highest quality research, enlisting business and working with government to drive change in those countries and industries bearing the greatest responsibility for slavery today. The Walk Free™ Foundation will achieve its goal by:

• Identifying countries and industries most responsible for modern slavery;
• Identify and implement with partners the interventions in those countries and industries that will have the greatest impact on modern slavery; and
• Critically assess our impact.

How it all began?

Andrew Forrest, one of the billionaire giants in Australia started The Walk Free™ Foundation to target slavery specifically after getting motivated by his daughter, Grace Forrest. Grace volunteered at an orphanage in Nepal and discovered the children she had looked after had been trafficked to be sex slaves in the Middle East. This distressed Grace and I quote “I feel like a puppet for hundreds of thousands of girls who are voiceless – if I can stand for them, that is what I'm here to do." And thus began the foundation whose movement fights even as we speak now.
Walk Free
Expansion to Bangalore

The Walk Free movement was introduced to Bangalore by the Youth leader of Nagpur Walk Free movement, Arjun Ashok. Being one of close friends of Bharath Aditya, the Youth leader of Bangalore and Vinay Karthik, Core Committee Head of Bangalore, he provided the right motivation and platform for them to act against the evil. The Bangalore chapter thus formed expanded rapidly to a hundred members within a month consisting of FOUR colleges namely Christ University, JSSIT, SJCIT, Alliance University.

Awareness drive in Bangalore

The first awareness drive was done in the month of August in Govt. PU College, Rajajinagar. Being a huge success, it lead to the appreciation of the team from Principal Dr. Aekanthappa. G.R.. Not only that, it also helped the Movement to get enough signatures for one of its various petitions to stop women trafficking.

The event consisted of a street play portraying women harassment in India. It included Forced prostitution, Rape, Killing of female child and Domestic abuse. The students were made to realize how bad these social evils are and on how to act upon such crimes happening in their environment. A PowerPoint presentation on The Walk Free Movement was given followed by an excellent speech in the regional language, Kannada. The students were thoroughly impacted in the 1.5 hour session taken by the Walk Free Bangalore team, and few of them including teachers joined our movement as well. Without a doubt the Bangalore team raises its hat to the Dramatics team from JSS Academy. A brilliant and powerful act that showed the youth what is right without bearing any negative influence on them in the end.

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