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C'est la vie

Everyday conversations.. Day to day life. Everyday incidents.. Cups of coffee and strife.
Everyday events.. The sunrise and sunsets..
Everyday prayers.. The one constant wish..
In the midst of conversations, when you realise you've met the most wonderful people.. When in day to day life, you see how blessed you are..
In the passing of incidents, you see the dots connecting backwards.. When you have a great grandmother who makes coffee and talks of life..
In the everyday events, when you witness life's miracles happen to you.. With an afterglow that clouds even the most enchanting sunrises..
And for all your prayers, when you suddenly receive an answer.. With your one constant wish being fulfilled in a way you never knew was possible..
C'est La Vie..
C'est la vie
It ensures you get it all,
The laughter and the sadness, the sweetness and the madness..
It will yet again pick you up after a great fall,
And help you pick matters that you really need to address..
C'est La Vie..

It takes one as far as one can possibly go,
And yet it won't let the same thing happen to you twice in a row..
It delivers home your gift when you're caught under by snow,
It can be your best friend, before the end you'll know..
C'est La Vie..

It brings to you what you want in your heart of hearts,
It makes reality what you think is only possible in dreams..
It blesses you with an ability to convert tears to pearls,
It makes possible diamonds, with what is just coal..
C'est La Vie..

C'est La Vie!!

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