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Magic Science

How often do we observe?
Its, something not that happens with fewer;
Science is the name we believe it to be!
But what made science so happening to be!!!

Its that breeze, that moves the leaves
Its that clouds, that bring the rain
Its that science that we, all call it as
But what created the science to be it as!
Magic Science
If gravity was found by newton,
And the bulb was invented by Edison,
If this was all termed to be science,
What about the magic, that it creates with its essence!

If science is the invention,
Worked upon it will bring revolution.
Then why worship the religious idol?
When we term science to be the vigorous tool !

I see magic - and it happens with me;
So, with you all only if you try to see like me;
Science in disguise is a mask that we see:
Above it is an energy, which only few can feel...

Magic or science "belief" is that true essence,
It works only if "belief" rest in our every presence
Trust on your belief surrounds you like powerful fence;
And Magic is what you feel in every sense.

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