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The Awakening

With hand over heart on a winter night
The owner of a lovey-dovey heart
In a dicey and deceiving world
Thinks aoud for the first time
Will I get past the heavy heart?

Caught up in the mopes,she thinks
It is not too late when she rethinks
A magical concoction for peace time
For she wanted her blues to sublime
The Awakening
She insists there has to be more in life
She knows not what could be that thing
The tussle with her inner self has to end
Against all the odds, she strives to bend

Then there were charmers,alluring enough
With honey in their words tried to delight
Did they know or ever come to know?
She finds the sweet talk really cloying

Innocence mistaken to pretence, she sighs
There is only so much one can take
Holding a thin rope of broken spirit
Looks for a sign on a shaky ground

With hope in her teary eyes,she smiles
She closes her eyes and in the dark
The only thing that daunts her is
Fear of opening her eyes again?

But there has to be light,she believed
With best of faith she lurked outside
Need no bon voyage to start over
The light reflected in the journey inside
In it, she found the coveted symphony.

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