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The Future in the Making

Who says that the future is uncertain? What is future? Where is future? Just look around yourself and see the sparkling youth around. You can see the future in the making.  Look into the dreams and aspirations of these youth and you can see the future here, now and today. I am not going to take you to a time-machine, but I will share how I see the future in the making.
The Future in the Making
While people are talking about N.R. Narayan Murthi, Ritesh Agarwal, Sachin and Binny Bansal, Dilip Sanghvi, Kunal Bahal, Dhiran Rajaram the change-makers of our times and getting mesmarised by the success-stories of StartUps in India, I would also share with you a success story in the making. This is what I have observed. What has influenced me is the fact that there are three pillers of entrepreneurship 1. Passion 2. Purpose 3. Perseverance.

Business is no longer the territory of big, busy billionaires. Business is now slipping into the hands of tech-savvy, innovative and enterprising youth. Gone are the days when entrepreneurship was considered to be an area for someone affluent, influential, and politically well connected. Gone are the days when entrepreneurship was considered a very risky activity.

People are talking about market places - where different products and services are sold out. There are different market places for different products and services. Is there a need of new market places? Are there any opportunities ahead for creating new market places?

Shubham Aggarwal and his friends decided to start a company to provide a trading platform for re-sale of domain names, blogs, websites, facebook pages, photographs, and web-identities. They have just launched their portal for this – which is an online market place. The entire team of this company including Shubham Aggarwal is under 24 years of age. All the team members are students of B.Tech. Programme. All these team members are running this company after attending their regular classes and doing all the required assignments for regular studies. Their spare time activity is going to enable them to start a new market in online format. What is the risk that they are taking? What will happen if this business fails? What is the money at stake? Just contemplate on the flip side also. If they succeed (which they are most likely to do), they will be creating a new online marketplace and will emerge as the trend-setters and will be the pioneer in a new category.

These students found that there were many persons, who had created popular face-book pages and blogs but were not able to generate money out of those pages. Those persons didn’t find any easy market place for trading their blogs and web-pages. This idea led these students to start the company called What motivates these students to enter into entrepreneurship domain? These students are promoting entrepreneurship in their educational institution. While other students of their age spend time in other hobbies and pass-time activities, they have tried to start and promote entrepreneurship cell in their institution. The path of entrepreneurship has been created and promoted by these students in their own educational institution.

The youth of today needs guidance, support, trust and little bit freedom. This is the youth, which is capable of transforming the future into a dream-land. This is the youth which has solutions to almost every problem of our times.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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