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Trekking These Highest Karnataka Peaks Will Make Your Friends Envy

Nature is definitely biased towards Karnataka, the Indian state carpeted with such amazing grandeur that must be explored on foot. Revealing spectacular waterfalls, scenic lakes, rich flora and breathtaking views, the trekking trails leading to the highest peaks in the region are the perfect routes to rejuvenation. Get ready to accept the challenge as the following sections reveal the most thrilling trekking adventures in Karnataka. Now, some airports are still not functioning at 100%, mainly due to Covid, so it's always wise to take advantage of the some cheap private jet flights.

Trekking These Highest Karnataka Peaks
Standing tall at 6,330 ft., Mullayanagiri fits the dream of every trekker. Situated near the picturesque hill station called Chikmagalur, it is named after Mulappa Swamy who meditated here for many years. Apart from hosting a small temple at the summit and caves just few meters below, the summit boasts of remarkable sunset views. On the way to the top, be ready to savor the exoticness of lush green forests, coffee plantations and mesmerizing waterfalls.

Baba Budangiri
Trekking These Highest Karnataka Peaks
Ranked as the second highest peak in Karnataka, it amazingly blends the adventure element with spirituality. Soaring to the height of 6,217 ft., the mountain houses the twin shrine of Sufi Saint Baba Budan and Hindu Guru Dattatreya. Manikyadhara Falls, pleasantly cool weather and chances of seeing the rare flower kurinji (blossoms once in 12 years) are some of the rewards for trekkers here.

Trekking These Highest Karnataka Peaks
Attaining the height of about 6,214 ft., it is Karnataka’s third highest peak and can be accessed from multiple trekking routes. The visual treat of sprawling meadows and grasslands keep one excited throughout the trek. You may also come across some of the prettiest birds and few wild animals on the way. Resembling the shape of a horse’s face, Kudremukh is indeed among the best trekking options in the world.

Trekking These Highest Karnataka Peaks
The highest peak in Coorg, a wonderful hill station in South India, Tadiandamol (or Tadiyandamol) is where the chirpy streams of crystal clear water welcome the adventurers. Cool breeze easily engulfs the visitors and it is amazing to watch the clouds wandering in the blue sky. Tadiandamol is at peak in coorg, one can enjoy this place through  Mysore to coorg cab. Not only the professional, but the amateur trekkers are left excited by the outstanding adventure trail.

Trekking These Highest Karnataka Peaks
Also known as Kumara Parvatha, it is 5,735 ft. in height and rises in full glory from Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. The trekking routes to the summit are a bit difficult than other trekking options in the state. However, the efforts pay well as one is exposed to the untouched natural beauty, verdant jungles and unbelievable panorama all around. Not to forget the stupendous sunrise and sunset views that can’t be described in words.

Trekking These Highest Karnataka Peaks
Kotebetta rises to 5,400 ft. and is an awesome place to reach by a memorable trekking expedition. Beginning on an asphalted road, the trekkers subsequently enter the dense forests welcomed by the melodies of nature. On the top, there is a Shiva Temple which adds to the place’s worth. Don’t miss the sunset views and plan to camp on the summit for one of the most thrilling nights of your life. Kotebetta is hill station which is near to the famous place Coorg where there are more number of travelers from Bangalore. Coorg can easily be reached by hiring a taxi from Bangalore to Coorg The list doesn’t end here as there are many other majestic peaks in Karnataka ready to get conquered. Make sure you explore at least some of them in your life.

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