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Do you end up wasting most of your time thinking about your dreams and end up doing nothing about them?

Well, here is something you must read to get a better clarity about your goals and know how to achieve them.
First of all, why is it important to have a dream or a goal? 

The very idea of having a dream gives your life a purpose. Having a target in front of you keeps you going. Once you are motivated enough to work on your dreams, you serve as a source of inspiration for others like you. Don’t we all get gratified to know we were able to influence someone? Once you realise it’s imperative to run after your dream and you are stimulated enough to work for it, you will be able to earn well and provide for your family. When you do what you like, you always do it with zest and become formidable. Dreams make us feel alive, they make us feel elated. Life without dreams will be depressing and tedious. Life is short. Our days are numbered, so why spend them doing something we don’t like?
Thinking about your dreams
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” But breaking all the obstacles and ignoring all the doubts is the most strenuous task. So how to actually take the first step towards achieving your goal?

Don’t wait for ‘perfect’ situation. Understand that it’s always the right time to start. Don’t wait for others to agree with you. You should not look for any support and agreement from others. If you are certain about what you want, even if it calls for breaking of trends, just go ahead and do it. You might be waiting to start because you think you are not skilled enough. Well, understand that you will learn far more by doing than by waiting. You will hone your skills and learn many more once you start. Believe in your dream, even if others criticise it or find it unachievable. Visualise your dream coming true. Imagine yourself at the top of Mount Everest or in a business suit shaking hands with investors or letter of appointment in your hands or whatever your goal is, just visualise yourself succeeding. Pull your socks and be prepared for working hard. Also, expect to face problems and obstacles. Knowing the possibilities right from the beginning will make the journey much easier for you. Break down your dream into fragments and focus on one chunk at a time. To start with, focus on the first part of your goal and just start working on it. 

Once you have shown enough courage to start the journey which takes you to your goal, its also important to not stop and keep going.  Remind yourself everyday why you actually started. Make clear plans and short term targets at different phases of your goal achievement. Be vigilant throughout and take benignant decisions accordingly. Don’t be afraid of challenges, instead enjoy dealing with them. Try to read about  the journey of successful people of your respective field. Stay healthy and don’t forget to stay relaxed . Don't let anything make you worry and doubt your dreams. Mark your progress. Knowing what all you have achieved so far will help you stay motivated. Lastly, remember what your final destination is and visualise yourself there. Always remember every great dream seems unrealistic before doing anything about it. Every good idea seems crazy at first. Every effective plan seems impossible before implementing.

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Manchit Kaur Sachdeva
Manchit Kaur Sachdeva is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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