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CX Conclave 2016

India's Biggest Customer Experience Conference
We are in an era where the customer is king! Technology has revolutionized the way we connect and with it, re-defined the way we understand Customer Experience. Organizations are today required to assess and reassess how this digital revolution impacts their processes, products & services.

The process of building an in-depth repository of knowledge about your customers is a long-drawn process. It involves deriving insights from every customer touch point, based across the entire network of your organization. The entire exercise is about getting to know your customers and their needs from the grassroots up, so you can create and deliver personalized experiences. A great customer experience makes for loyal customers that then become citizen advocates for your brand, thus setting you apart from your competition.
CX Conclave 2016
CX Conclave 2016 aims to address the latest challenges faced by you and your peers as well as present opportunities to better current practices. Attendees can take advantage of the 15 + speakers, and over 150+ attendees / practice heads and practical case studies / examples to help implement these essential techniques in real time. This event will provide you with the opportunity to learn and network with leading national and international Customer Experience experts from the industry, to identify opportunities, take away key strategies and gain insights to achieve a consistent successful customer experience management.

Key Benefits

We guarantee a proven and practical experience. You will experience first-hand, valuable ideas and practices, through case studies and case examples presented by industry leaders, learn from Indian and international customer experience experts, gain insights, identify opportunities and take away key strategies for a successful customer experience management.
  • How to make an already great Customer Experience even Better.
  • Deploying digital technologies across the organization to deliver Excellent Customer Service.
  • The importance of trust to the Customer Experience – Protecting your customers’ security and privacy and how to recover when things go wrong.
  • Developing An Intense Data Driven Customer Experience Strategy.
  • Translating Your Understanding of the Customer Journey into Business Opportunity.

Date: 24 - 25 November 2016 | Venue: The Westin Mumbai Garden City
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Customer Experience Conference now!

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