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Go For That Clean Up!

A tooth cleaning which is called scaling and polishing in your dentist’s language is one of the most neglected ideas.
Clean up
There is a thin layer of grime accumulating in your teeth every single day. It is very common that at certain areas this grime is not cleaned well.  This starts accumulating and over a period of time it calcifies or becomes hard. This is called as Calculus.

Once the calculus is formed, it is not possible for you to remove it with your toothbrush.

For this the best thing to do would be to visit your Dentist and get it removed professionally removed. The Dentist may use a hand instrument or a scalar machine to get rid of this hard debris.

The scalar machine is a machine that operates by vibration of the tip such that the calculus is disrupted and the teeth are cleaned.

If the calculus has extended on to the root surface of your tooth, then it is called a root calculus and a procedure called root planning has to be performed.

Having long standing calculi can cause severe damage to the supporting structures of your teeth, the gum is inflamed so much so that the tooth becomes mobile over a period of time and eventually results in the loss of the tooth.

The solution? Keep your teeth clean by brushing them twice a day, in the morning as well as in the night. Floss regularly to keep the areas in between the teeth clean.  Make sure you visit the Dentist at least once in 6 months to make sure you take professional advice on what you should or shouldn’t do and what needs to be done right. Believe me, it’s worth the visit. 

Polishing is usually done along with Scaling to polish and smooth the rough surfaces after a scaling procedure is done.

This procedure is responsible for making your teeth clean in ways which you cannot do by yourself and you certainly need professional help with it.

One of the most common myths that I come across regularly is whether teeth cleaning is bad for the teeth?

Definitely not. This procedure cleans you up and anything that cleans you is not bad.

Myth 2:  Scaling loosens your teeth:

No it doesn’t.  It only helps relieve the inflammation in the gums.

Myth 3: Once you do scaling, you need to keep redoing it.

That’s not true. Redoing the procedure once in 6 months only helps to maintain your oral hygiene. Myth 4: Does it whiten the teeth?

Teeth cleaning like the name suggest cleans your teeth, so it will remove any superficial stains and all the accumulated grime around your teeth. So it does do the cleanliness bit of sparkle. Whitening is a different procedure all together.

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Until then, keep your smile sparkling and keep smiling.

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
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