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Exercise Biking Your Way to Health

More and more people looking for a low-impact, cardiovascular exercise are turning to exercise bikes. Next to treadmills, exercise bikes are the second most popular home fitness equipment in the United States. The growing popularity of this fitness equipment may be due to the fact that it causes less discomfort or swelling of the joints. Stationary exercise bikes provide a non-weight bearing exercise that does not exacerbate old joint injuries or create new ones.
Exercise Biking Your Way to Health
There are two main types of exercise bikes: the upright and the recumbent. Upright exercise bikes allow for a more flexible workout. The user can stand on the pedals while riding, can sit comfortably while pedalling, or can assume a racing position for a more strenuous workout. Recumbent exercise bikes, on the other hand, with the rider seated against a backrest with legs out front, offer a more comfortable workout and less strain on the back. Ultimately, the choice between an upright or a recumbent one is dictated more by personal choice than health benefits.

To get maximum results from workouts using exercise bikes, it is important to remember that posture is vital. Proper riding form helps prevent injuries and reduce unnecessary stress on the joints. The seat height should be adjusted so that the knee is not too bent or too extended. Abdominal muscles should be slightly contracted and the back should be kept straight. Avoid leaning on the handlebars.

Exercise bikes may be used while recovering from illness or an injury. When recovering from back pain, keep the tension light and pedal at a comfortable speed. Some therapists may advice riding on exercise bikes 2 to 3x a week for patients recovering from hip and knee joint pains. Exercise bikes may also be used to strengthen the heart and lungs by riding at a steady speed for 20 to 30 minutes at least 5 days of the week. Regular workouts with exercise bikes may help prevent coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. Interval training with exercise bikes can also be used for weight loss. Interval training means riding at different intensity levels at various intervals. Indeed, exercise bikes offer a lot of health benefits. The different types and models of exercise bikes available in the market today ensure that there is one to fit each individual’s needs. And since exercise bikes are cheaper than treadmills, this is indeed a great deal.

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