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Vitalizing lives by crafting Smiles - Dr. Akshari Anchan

One phrase that most people around us tell whenever we have challenging targets to achieve, is "Nothing is impossible." Here is a woman who truly proves and stands as a definition for the same! Read on.
We feel that we actually begin to live our life when we get opportunities to do what we love. To be able to reach a position to do what we love lies in our hands; the decisions that we take, the discipline that we carry throughout, the passion to not let go off your dreams during hard times is what makes one successful. Life always provides two paths – an easy path which leads to temporary happiness, the harder one which is sure to make your journey harder but the destination leading to a long term satisfaction. Meet this lioness who has courageously walked through the latter path that has led her to fly high with colours!
 Vitalizing lives by crafting Smiles - Dr. Akshari Anchan
Dr. Akshari Anchan, a cosmetic surgeon from Mumbai, who has been the reason to create thousands of smiles, has had her own rove of life that has made her a humble and a successful being.

Life went quite smooth while she lived with her parents up to 12th grade in the city of dreams - Mumbai, Maharashtra. With loving parents, supportive friends and relatives, she had it all. She's been an academic prodigy all through her schooling. The real journey began when she wanted to pursue dentistry and had to move away from her home to her native.. Life tested her again, when Dr. Akshari was in her final year of graduation, in the year 2012, a couple of days before her exam, when she was told that she lost her mother. “All of us have two choices in life whenever we fall – either cry because of the pain and do nothing, or rise again and look forward to what’s next. The loss of my mom was and will always be painful beyond expression, but - The show must go on! I flew back and gave my examination the very next day. My dad always said, 'Give your best at what you do, else don't do it at all'. I knew I had to make my mother proud through my results,” says Dr. Akshari, who still managed to bag a rank at the university level. “Honestly, grades or marks do not define anyone’s ability. Although they do add credibility, it is about what one wants in life that matters” she adds. 
 Vitalizing lives by crafting Smiles - Dr. Akshari Anchan
After the loss of her mother, Dr. Akshari felt the need to serve the underserved. She began to organize camps, while she was still a student, to help those who could not actually afford to go to a hospital to get treated. Her actions inspired many like-minded doctors who joined hands for the same. With more than 200 camps organized nationwide, she continues to help the underprivileged. She also cofounded an awareness programme named OHH (Oral Health and Hygiene), to help people understand ways to maintain their oral health, along with an organization called Health ATN

The next turning point of her life was when she decided to practice in the United States. “I had to clear several challenging examinations to be eligible to practice as a doctor at the United States. Apart from the examinations, I was also exposed to a wonderful but different culture and experiences that i feel happy to look back upon. I've been blessed to have lived with an awesome American family and with wonderful relatives and friend through this beautiful journey. I have travelled back and forth numerous times to achieve what I wanted to and I'm extremely grateful to my family and friends for such fantastic support. Although there were numerous problems that I had to face every time, I knew I was the one who decided to take this journey; I knew it was all worth the struggle. It was the dream that I envisioned that pushed me every single time I was challenged. If you dream of achieving, you must be able to go to any extent to make it happen. That is what makes you stand apart from those who only dream and those who live their dream. There is no right or wrong decisions in life. It’s all about taking a decision and doing all that it takes to make it right!” states Dr. Akshari. 
 Vitalizing lives by crafting Smiles - Dr. Akshari Anchan  Vitalizing lives by crafting Smiles - Dr. Akshari Anchan
Meanwhile, she also managed to run two clinics in India alongside, completing her post-graduation in Cosmetic Surgery. Apart from being a dentist and a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Akshari is also an artist, specialized in canvas paining, through which she also contributes to charity. She adds “Art is also one of the reasons for me to have become a cosmetic surgeon. I love to design beautiful faces; it feels really good to be able to bring smiles on the faces of people.” She has continued to stay active on the academic end through her researches; she is also an active member of the Indian Council of Medical Research. She has been recognized internationally for her work with researches as well. 

“I feel there must be three hobbies in our routine to work lively. First, something that keeps us physically fit, second, something that keeps us creative; it could be art, music, writing or any activity that can stimulate our creative mind. The third is something that earns us bread and butter. When you are involved in multiple activities every single day, your life is bound to become more interesting.”

Alongside medicine, researches, charity, camps, and painting, Dr.Akshari has also been invited as a speaker to share her experiences at various international platforms. It is impossible to deny the fact that Dr. Akshari is a woman who defines versatility and determination. “I always take one day off of every month for myself where I indulge in thoughts to refocus on what I do. I plan my days, weeks and the entire month. Do researches, run clinics, give myself some time to paint, work on scaling camps and sometimes fly to the US - none of this would work if I'm unable to plan them. An organized, disciplined life leads to unlimited happiness," she says, claiming that these are her secrets to live a prosperous and a contented life.

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