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Top 10 Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing Skill

Writing was, is, and always will be a complex skill. In today’s business environment, writers have a lot to gain, as every business nowadays needs content in order to thrive or survive. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a writer that wants to improve his writing skills.
Top 10 Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing Skill
Before anything else, I’d like to offer you an important advice: no matter what tools, advice, or strategies you encounter, be very aware of the fact that your writing capacities will only improve through repetition. The more you write the better you become. That’s a fact, and no one can contradict it.

However, besides consistent writing practice, you should also keep an open mind regarding different writing apps and tools that promise to make your life easier. In today’s post, we’re quickly presenting 10 writing tools which will help you write better and better!

1. MailMentor

As a writer, you’re going to frequently pitch new clients, webmasters, or other individuals which are important to your purpose. Whenever you get in touch with them, you’re probably doing it through the use of email. Your message needs to be very concise, on point, and often written short, so that your reader’s patience doesn’t get lost. 

Whenever you’re unsure of your emails, add the text into MailMentor and let it help you with the task. This tool analyzes your email message, giving your insights on how long it’ll take for the recipient to finish reading, and also what reading level your text has. Oh, and they’ll also give you recommendations to improve your email.

2. Grammarly

You really can’t expect to be a great writer without fully understanding the importance of writing correctly all the time. Yet, we’re humans, and we do a lot of mistakes. We’re not perfect and we shouldn’t even be!

Grammarly is an incredible grammar & spelling correction tool which currently helps millions of writers to avoid terrible mistakes. After inserting your text into the app, the software will detect most of your mistakes while suggesting improvements or replacements.

3. Assignment Masters

The easiest way to improve your writing skills is to learn from someone who’s already good at writing. Assignment Masters is a professional writing service which helps students from all across the world with their daunting academic assignments.

This service is full of individuals who can write on a wide area of subjects; if you want a mentor, you should contact this service and ask them whether you can get in touch with some of their writers. By letting them edit and proofread your writing, you can learn all the secrets!

4. Thesaurus & Merriam Webster Dictionary

Top 10 Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing Skill Every writer needs to consult the dictionary and the thesaurus of synonyms every now and then. Vocabulary growth is essential in case you want to overstep your boundaries and improve your writing level on a consistent basis. Therefore, whenever you feel like you’re using the same words over and over again, take advantage of these two useful resources and start learning new words, idioms, and expressions.

5. Hemingwayapp

You write so that people can acknowledge, analyze, and finally understand the information that you’re putting down. If your writing style is too complicated, your readers will have trouble understanding your points. When that happens, you will be considered a poor writer, even though your words might be elevated.

Hemingwayapp is a tool that helps you understand whether your content is too hard to read. It analyzes the “readability’ of your content and gives you a score from 1 to 10. Moreover, you also get suggestions on how to simplify your sentences!

6. AResearchGuide

The developers of AResearchGuide plagiarism checker realized what customers look for in an online plagiarism checker. Once you start using this tool, you will understand how sophisticated this plagiarism checker is.

 Using the software is surprisingly easy. You just need to paste the content and click “CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM”. The text will be instantly run through countless websites, and you will see the results in just a few seconds.

If any plagiarism is detected, the plagiarized text is highlighted. Any detection of theft means the same text has already been published online. You can easily make your text unique by making necessary changes.

If you have a bad experience with other such tools, we highly encourage you to check plagiarism with Aresearchguide. You will fall in love with its service.

It is hard to find a free tool that works just like a paid one. AResearchGuide plagiarism checker fills that gap. It allows you to check the originality of your content without having to pay a cent. 

7. ZenPen

ZenPen offers you a clean writing environment with zero distractions. Basically, you’ll write everything that you have to write on a blank page. Once you’re done, you can copy paste the content and put it into a writing processor such as Word. This is great because it completely eliminates the distractions which decrease your productivity.

8. AtomicWriter

In case you write for a website or blog, you probably understand the importance of a highly targeted audience. Well, AtomicWriter analyzes your current content and lets you know whether your audience will appreciate the content that you came up with. How is this done? All you have to do is link your social media channels and your Google Analytics account to the tool. It analyzes historical metrics from your accounts and it ultimately suggests whether your idea fits or not.

9. Cliché Finder

Until you stop writing clichés, you are not a complete writer. Take advantage of this useful app and find out how often you’re writing clichés throughout your texts. The tool is completely free and it can be accessed simply by opening your browser and going to its link.

10. Wridea

Top 10 Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing Skill Wridea helps you develop effective outlines by allowing you to easily organize your ideas. An article is just like a road. In order to finish it or get to the destination, you need a roadmap or a plan. Well, Wridea helps you do just that, giving you the possibility to add idea entries in a matter of a few seconds.

This software also presents a collaborative aspect; you can share your ideas with your peers and ask for suggestions before starting to write. Takeaways Every writer that respects himself should constantly look for ways to optimize his skills. After all, the difference between the most successful writers and the average writers lies in the writers’ standards, expectations, and work ethics.
In a world where so much of content development is taking place, chances are high that sometimes you might end up producing duplicate content which leads to allegations of plagiarism on your content. Even more, during delegation to a team, a lot of managers often find that juniors pick up content and paste it into their work, instead of developing original content. For all of these situations you need a quality plagiarism checker & one that is reliable. Content creators suggest that the plagiarism checker developed by edubirdie is a quality tool for all such needs. 

Those who aspire for great achievements will always do their best to become better. Luckily, today’s digital environment is full of development opportunities. Tomorrow a new app might “arrive” and it might change the traditional writing forever. Who knows? Yet, we’re living in the present moment, and still, there are dozens of helpful writing apps out there. All you have to do is try them and see where they get you.

What are your secrets to great writing?

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