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3 Inspiring Ways That You Can Treasure Precious Memories

With the social media hitting our lives faster and deeper by the day and technology bringing smart phones that are able to stack thousands of photos and create recalls for us, we have sort of forgotten to cherish memories. Here's a quick list of things you could do to treasure precious memories and make life beautiful. Read ON!
3 Inspiring Ways That You Can Treasure Precious Me Instead of depending on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to display all of your precious memories, find more tangible ways to keep those memories alive. There are many beautiful and creative ways to treasure moments outside of the confines of a smartphone or computer. Here are just three incredible ways that you can treasure your memories, so that they can last a life-time.

Photo Calendar

Select your favourite photographs and put them in a personalized calendar to hang on your wall, corkboard or refrigerator. In order to get your calendar to look studio-made, instead of glued together, go to the website for photoroost in order to choose template designs and organize a calendar that looks like it came off of a store shelf. Arrange all of your best photographs to match the months and seasons in the calendar, like with activities and events that can only happen in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Photo Ideas for the seasons:

  • For Spring: playing in rain puddles, walks in the park, Mother’s Day
  • For Summer: family vacations, summer camp, swimming, barbeques
  • Fall: back to school, trips to pumpkin patches, Halloween, Thanksgiving
  • Winter: making a snowman, decorating the Christmas tree, family reunions

Photo Family Yearbook

3 Inspiring Ways That You Can Treasure Precious Me 3 Inspiring Ways That You Can Treasure Precious Me

You could make a family yearbook at photoroost that appeals to you now, instead of just having one for your years in high school. Select photos to bring back memories of significant moments throughout the year, like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and big celebrations. Have pages dedicated to Halloween filled with photos of your children trick-or-treating, set beside descriptions of their costume choices. Or have pages dedicated to birthdays with photos of blowing out cake candles paired with descriptions of their ages, their party theme or what they received as presents.

Remember that if you don’t have the photos that you would like to put in a family yearbook, you can always take new ones. If you have a big family, use your imagination and get creative for your annual family portrait. If you have a new baby in the family, there are many adorable and sweet photoshoots that you can do — you can take a classic black and white portrait or dress them in a silly costume.

Vacation Jars

Vacation jars take a bit of the vacation spot back home with you by storing souvenirs, photographs and various knick-knacks inside. If you go to the beach, you can fill a mason jar with sand, seashells and pebbles fished from the sea. If you go on a nature hike, you can store pinecones, dried flowers and leaves. If you go on an eventful trip, whether it’s to a city nearby or a country far away, you can store your plane tickets and little souvenirs inside the jar.
3 Inspiring Ways That You Can Treasure Precious Me Other items you can add inside a vacation jar:
- Wine Corks
- Bottle caps
- Notes and letters
- Mini Photo Book
- Ticket stubs
- Paper restaurant menus
- Concert flyers
- Postcards
- Invitations
Instead of scrolling through your phone and searching through computer files in order to look back at precious memories, you can use these three ways to treasure important days in your life. You can be brought back to incredible moments any time that you look over at a calendar, pull a family yearbook off your shelf or see your vacation jar sitting on your mantelpiece — these crafts will help you cherish these memories for a life-time.

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