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Everybody has been through times where even after DOING a lot, people do not seem to GET what they desired. This post is going to address the why & how of that experience.
While I have coached a lot of people in achieving great results, I have also had the privilege of spending time with people for whom achieving great results always seemed effortless. During the course of coaching & mentoring people I realized that everybody looks at results as something the IMPACTS a very important aspect of their lives. People want to achieve great results because it will have direct IMPACT on their financial status, growth, brand and sometimes just their knowledge. In other words, achieving great results means having great IMPACT.
Once again the word itself made me realize what was missing and what had to be done to achieve great results. People take actions after actions and still don’t seem to create IMPACT and that is simply because acting on a plan or opportunity is just not enough to create IMPACT. While people look back at the times where they took action but did not achieve results, they realize that not all that they did was important for them to do and that is exactly why they did not create IMPACT. Creating IMPACT is not about taking action but taking IMPORTANT ACTIONS (IMP+ACT).

What you need to start thinking about and understand is that there is a huge difference between what COULD get you results and what WILL get you results. People spend a great deal of time, money & efforts in the “COULD” and not much on the “WILL”. Focusing your energy on what WILL get you results is truly an IMPORTANT ACT and will for sure result in you creating IMPACT.

It is important for you to know that investing in what COULD help you, is nothing more than a gamble and cannot take you to a level of consistency and constant growth. So invest in what WILL help you and you will notice a huge shift in your ability to consistently achieve success.

Moving on to the HOW, and this is what I realized that the people who achieved results effortlessly did different. It is not always about what you planned but how much you prioritized before or at least during putting the plan together. So don’t just share your plan with your coaches, well wishers and teams but call them on for a discussion to know why each step of the plan is important and then prioritize. Prioritizing has always helped my clients differentiate between the ACTIONS that are IMPORTANT from the ones that are not and according to the most successful people on our planet, it will surely help you with the same too.I’m sure you would want your time and all other resources to be used to its best to help you produce great results & achieve your desired goals which is why you must start to focus on IMPORTANT ACTIONS instead of just actions and very soon you will experience the positive IMPACT it has on your success and growth in every area of life.

Commit to IMPORTANT ACTIONS & You will create IMPACT! If you have had experiences that relate to this piece and would love to share with me, please feel free to drop a line in comments and I would be happy to connect with you. 

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