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Which PrepAway Course Should You Go for a Beginner Networking Certification: CCNA or CompTIA Exam?

Networking certifications are boosters for better jobs and then again confusions are between CCNA or CompTIA exams. Here's a detailed preview to help you through this. Shoot your questions in comments below for further clarifications.
Earning a certification is undeniably a great way to validate one’s skill set in today’s time, especially in the IT world. With the regular technological advancement and constant changes, the IT industry has been rightly termed as one of the most competitive and demanding industries in the world. To be able to thrive in this industry, a person must get certified as it not only makes him or her stand out from the rest of the crowd but also gives them a chance to build a career.

People on different levels often take certification exams to keep themselves updated and add value to their professional profile. Especially the ones who are at the beginner level should try to earn certification for getting ahead of the curve. While there are many IT certifications that beginner networking professionals can go for, there are some that are valued globally and are likely to lead to career advancements. The ones that we are talking about today are CCNA and CompTIA certifications.

CCNA or CompTIA Professionals who enter the field of networking with any of these credentials are instantly given more preference from their peer. However, Prep Away the question that bothers most beginners is which certification to go for.

The internet is full of discussion boards that compare beginner-level IT certifications such as CCNA and CompTIA. Both these certifications are best-suited for individuals who want to start a career in the domain of networking. However, which is better than the other is a question that has always received mixed answers from experts, established networking professionals as well as previous exam takers of both the certification exams.

Here we are letting you know about certain must-know things about both these certifications that you need to be aware of before deciding which one to go for.


Offered by the leading IT organization in the world, CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certifications are recognized globally and a majority of the IT firms nowadays give reference to the individuals holding these credentials. The one particular certification Routing and Switching certification. Passing this certification exam implies that the person is thorough with the foundational networking and also know how to handle real-world scenarios that involve devices.

Ideal for beginner network engineers, this entry-level certification can give one’s career a push in the right direction. Furthermore, holding this credential can also lead to better wages. Top IT firms in the world value networking employees who possess core skills and are knowledgeable enough to handle different situations.

Every year, numerous people take this certification exam, as there is no official eligibility criteria for taking this exam. However, not many end up scoring the passing percentage. That is because, in order to ace this exam, one must have proper knowledge about the networking topics and should know how to install, operate, troubleshoot various networking devices.

A huge number of study materials, online tutorials, guides, practice exam sets, CCNA dumps and practice labs are available online to help interested candidates prepare for this exam. And, many beginner networking individuals have made use of these sources and cleared the exam in the first attempt. Holding this credential is a proof that the person has in-depth knowledge about the basics of networking.

Difficulty Level:

CCNA certification exams, even the beginner-level ones are quite famous for being difficult. That is why, a lot of people end up failing despite multiple attempts. To be able to pass this certification exam, one should get at least 85% of the questions right. And, the combination of theory and practical (simulation) questions in the exam is why most people find this exam a bit difficult to pass.


The aspiring professionals or students can clear either of the required practice exams to get become Cisco certified. Pick either the 200-125 CCNA exam or 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 exams and give your best to score the required percentage.


The validity of CCNA beginner networking certification such as CCNA Routing and Switching is 3 years. After that, a person can take the same exam gain for recertification or sit for the higher-level exam like CCNP.


There are tons of networking certifications offered by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), a non-profit organization, created in 1982, that is known all over the world for its trusted IT certifications and exam dumps from PrepAway. For beginner networking professionals it offers CompTIA A+, a certification that validates the basic networking knowledge and skill set. To be able to receive this certification, a person should possess knowledge about basic networking, fundamentals of computer, etc. Apart from that, he or she should be well aware of the way in which operating systems are installed in a PC or laptop.

This is a basic certification. If you are an aspiring network engineer, then you should consider going for CompTIA Network+. This certification covers in-depth knowledge and skillset for foundation networking. It tests whether he or she possesses the core networking skills and knowledge that are essential for a network engineer or technician.

Other than beginner-level certifications, CompTIA offers a wide array of higher-level certifications for IT professionals. Till date, there are more than two million people in the world who have earned IT certifications from CompTIA for expanding their knowledge and skill and advancing their career in the ever-so-competitive world of information technology.

Difficulty Level:

The CompTIA entry-level IT certifications are also known to be quite difficult, however, when compared to CCNA certifications, they are relatively less difficult. That is why these certifications are perfect for newcomers.


The CompTIA certifications are valid for 3 years, post that a person can either take this exam again or sit for professional-level certification exams from PrepAway. However, the individuals who earned their CompTIA Network+ certification before 2011, do not have to work about taking the exams again as their certifications are valid for life.


Whether you go for beginner networking certification such as CCNA or CompTIA is completely up to you. However, before taking these exams, it is best to evaluate one’s knowledge base and also take job opportunities into consideration. While both the certifications are valued all over the world, it is imperative to check which one will prove to be most advantageous for you.
Most experts and already successful network professionals urge people to test their own abilities to be able to decide which one is most beneficial.

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