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Build your nation through election

Inspiring lines of poetry by Dr Trilok Kumar Jain. In the direct words of Dr Trilok Kumar Jain, who is currently the director for ecosystem for innovations and entrepreneurship at Suresh Gyan Vihar University.
Not the holi- not the Id or Diwali

The only occasion for nation building

Be prepared for your contribution

Yes, it’s the time for election

Sharpen your memories

Revisit your diaries

open old grievances

when you felt ignorances

select the honest out of the gangsters

select the modest out of broadcasters

choose carefully for the nation

give your best in selection

Once in five years

There come the leaders

Out of luxury chambers

Walking towards slums and huts

Seeking another five years

A vote for their misnomers

Ready to befool you

Ready to beguile you

A trap of narrow matters

Dividing through caste and religions

Understanding your nerves

Riding on bogus claims

With a fresh set of

With a bunch of flowers

With a group of scholars

With a bundle of slogans

With a gang of followers

They are latest arrivals

You are soon to be sold outs

They have planned serials

Prepare your dream’s burials

You are a moments revival

They are treating you trivial

Time for public rally

Eating away your belly

Giving new hopes

Creating new jokes

Raising aspirations

Shouting allegations

Neither they will change

Nor you will revenge

This is now a ritual

Ensuring your political denial

They think you gullible

You make their trick foible

Ignore their propaganda

Call for their agenda

Teach them a lesson

Go through their presentation

Cross question candidate

Have an issue based debate

Say no to temptations

Demand their explanations

Raise the issues ignored

Take them through common grounds

Let them feel public’s wounds

The time for your voice

Let them also have a choice

Show them mirrors

Account of 5 years

When people get beaten up

Falsely issues heated up

Hunger and justice sidelined

Narrow issues politicized

Ask their priorities

Show them government’s atrocities

Be loud and firm

let the issues affirm

public be heard

citizen’s agenda be prepared

When the common people are heard

Minimums be delivered

No compromises to goals

No cheating no hoaxes

Give a clear mandate

Conducting an open debate

A government for the common

Systems for the citizens

Creating enablers

Listening the drudgers

Unheard being heard

Unseen being seen

Reversing the journey

Citizen’s own agency

No more delays

No more parleys

Grievance to be taken up

Common issues to be raised up

Giving a voice to the people

Keeping the citizen in the circle

Lets welcome elections

It’s a reason for celebrations

A ray for rejuvenation

Democracy’s revitalization

blindly give away vote

throwing away all hope

you are the doctor

you are the patient

you have the solution

you have the injection

prepare your prescription

check their preparation

see beyond slogans

look beyond presentation

one step towards your destination

one vote for strengthening the nation

say a No to corruption

a standing ovation to dedication

stand, rise and initiate open debate

be the first to caste your vote

no more dumb candidates

select each on individual case

choose carefully the honest

say a no to mere puppet

search out public’s own champion

initiate for a clean election

give a lesson to the vote-trader a chance to public’s crusader

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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