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Top tips for the first-time investor in Singapore

If you are thinking of using investment as a means to raise more capital or add another string to your entrepreneurial portfolio then it is a smart choice. Here's a quick set of things you can bear in mind. Read ON!
If you are a Singapore based entrepreneur, then the thriving local business community is a great place to call home. As a global hub for business with a GDP around the $350 billion mark, Singapore is a vibrant place in which to operate.

If you are thinking of using investment as a means to raise more capital or add another string to your entrepreneurial portfolio then it is a smart choice. Not only can it make your money work harder for you, but it can also give you handsome returns to help fund new projects or ideas.

But first, you need to know the best tips to make investing a success.

Awesome tips for the first-time investor

Investor Tips If you are a new investor, then it is possible to profit in the long term and use the funds to improve your lifestyle or strengthen your business. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Understand the market – the very first thing you should do is get to grips with the financial market that you will be investing in, and particularly the asset classes themselves. Many first-time investors trade on the stock market so they have to learn how to pick trades, what factors affect the market and all the relevant terminology.

Understand what you invest in – when trading on the financial markets, it is key to understand any investments you make on a personal level. That will mean you have a better chance of making the right call. If you only know about the tech and banking sectors in Singapore that is where you should be looking to for companies to invest in.

Diversify – another good tip is not to invest in just one specific sector if you can help it. Having a diverse portfolio across sectors you understand and different asset classes (i.e. not just stock but maybe bonds as well for example) will spread any risk and avoid one sector crashing to wipe you out.

Get the latest news – a key point to know for new investors is that all financial markets react to the latest news. That can see prices shoot up or plummet based on a breaking story or what is predicted to happen in the next few days. Being on top of the latest news will help you to find good opportunities for investment as well helping to manage your existing portfolio. There are some great sources for this online – Hammerstone Markets Inc offer a superb news feed that keeps you up to date as an investor. Their stock analysis feed free trial is well worth checking out to see what it offers with no cost.

Look before you leap

As a forward-thinking investor in Singapore then you may be ready to invest in the financial markets right away. However, it really is worth getting to grips with the above basics first, so you will be ideally placed to succeed. While no-one can ever predict where the markets will head 100% of the time, these tips will certainly help give you an idea of how to go about investing.

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