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Travel Inspiration for Your Dream Trip to Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are known for their beautiful weather year around and also for leaving forever etched memories in the minds of every traveller to Hawaii. With this much said, here's some inspiration for your dream trip to Hawaii. Read ON!
A small chain of islands and sandy atolls make up Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. Located more than 3,000 kilometres from the mainland United States, it’s a favourite getaway for domestic holidaymakers. Some stay in the luxurious maui beachfront rentals while others prefer to book a week in family-friendly resorts. Hawaii caters to all kinds of tourists from couples on a romantic retreat to parents with young children. If you’re still considering taking a trip to this island paradise, keep reading and gain some essential inspiration for your holiday to Hawaii as there are lots of things to do in Maui.

The best beaches in the Pacific

Hawaii Beach-lovers and sun-worshippers instantly fall in love with Hawaii. The island has hundreds of kilometres of coastline popular with a healthy mix of both locals and tourists. Picture white sand bordering palm trees, beachside bars and seafood restaurants along the picturesque coast. Favourite ones include Lanikai, Oahu and Honolulu. But if you want to get away from the tourists, it’s never difficult to find a private stretch. Those willing to splurge on a villa almost always have their own section of beach. Head down in the morning to sunbath and go for a swim. Come back later for one of the Pacific’s best sunsets. And one thing’s for sure, you’re almost always guaranteed sunny weather.

Endless sunshine

When autumn and winter start to roll in and the days get shorter and colder, most holidaymakers crave the sun. Warm sunny weather blesses Hawaii all year round making it a perfect spot for a winter getaway. Daytime temperatures hang in the mid to high 20s (Celsius) with nighttime temperatures rarely dipping below the high teens. Even during the brief rainy season, you can still expect clear skies in the morning. And nothing can quite beat spending the morning on the beach under the sun. When it does start to rain, a bar with a cold beer is never too far away. If the weather doesn’t give you enough inspiration to start looking forward to your dream trip, nothing will.

The diversity of fun things to do

Hawaii isn’t just about beaches and sunbathing. The islands are also the surfing capital of the world. Surfers from around the globe travel to the Pacific archipelago for a week of fun on the waves. Other water sports include sea kayaking, diving and jet skiing. Head further inland and find active volcanoes and dozens of hiking trails. Some tourists like to stroll through the rainforest for an hour on a light trek. Others will complete tough two-day expeditions along the world’s most dangerous trail. If you want an unforgettable experience, helicopter rides take passengers high above the islands. Some fly around the coast offering the very best postcard pictures. The more adventurous might fly above the active volcanoes. Whatever you want to do, Hawaii will deliver it and much more.

The aloha spirit

It’s no secret that Hawaiians are among the friendliest, most laid-back and welcoming people in the world. As soon as the plane lands on the runway, you’ll be greeted with smiles and excellent hospitality. The aloha spirit, which encourages a positive lifestyle, is enshrined in Hawaiian law. Almost everybody that you interact with will show you warmth, respect and exude positivity. For most of us, this is the polar opposite of life back at home. Heading to Hawaii isn’t just about beaches and surfing. Instead, it can be revitalising and an inspiration to be in an environment surrounded by such positive energy.

Countless snorkelling and diving opportunities

Hawaii offers some of the best snorkelling and diving conditions in the United States if you know where to go. There are dozens of sandy atolls far from the main islands where the water is both calm and clear. Tour companies offer trips and Guided Road to Hana Tours out into the warm ocean to explore the colourful world beneath the waves. Join a snorkelling trip and visit several hotspots and seize the opportunity to go swimming with hundreds of fish. Or for a more intense experience, head to the depths of the Pacific in search of weird and wonderful creatures. If scuba diving appeals to you and you’re not PADI certified, don’t despair. Hawaii has plenty of scuba schools to teach you how to dive, which you can then use anywhere else in the world.

Mouth-watering Hawaiian food

The food in Hawaii takes its inspiration from multiple cultures and sources. Indigenous styles of cooking blend with Chinese, Japanese and Filipino elements. Over time, this has mixed and fused together to create the unique Hawaii food. When combined, it offers a special style of dining found nowhere else in the world. Tourists can snack on street food sold by vendors near the beaches. Or head for a cheap meal in one of the ‘hole in the wall’ restaurants. Others offer a five-star culinary experience with world-class chefs as well as candlelit dinners on the sand. Throw in the abundance of tropical fruits, an endless supply of fresh coconuts and cocktails. If you haven’t tasted Hawaiian food before, brace your palate for an explosion of goodness when you arrive.

Hawaii: The World’s best holiday destination

After reading this, you should have an idea of what Hawaii is like. The islands have beaches and a laid-back lifestyle as well as world-class surfing and hidden diving spots. Throw in its unique food culture and diversity of activities and it’s easy to see why it’s such a favourite vacationing destination. And if this doesn’t give you enough inspiration to start planning a dream trip, nothing will!

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