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Are You Happy ? If So, How do You Know You’re Happy?

Ana Sorina Corneanu once again brings a perspective rich piece with her words of wisdom surrounding self awareness and the inner self. Happiness, peace, self love have been her areas of deep introspection and here's yet another piece you will love from this rising star from Romania. Read ON!
I was thinking that Facebook is full of quotes & photos from several happy birthday days. And I always wondered about how many of us were wondering if we are really happy, what is happiness, in fact, what is the matter with it, what is it?

So I said not to meditate on this alone. And I started to share with you.

Ana sorina corneanu Are you happy? If so, how do you know you’re happy? What makes you answer me with a yes?

If not, why? What can you do for/about it?

What is happiness? What is the happiness for a human? Is there a recipe for happiness? Or at least one being tested? Are the others responsible for our happiness? What makes one happy?

When I was little, I was about 5 years old, I went on a trip – where I arrived at a famous, sophisticated shop with all kinds of chocolate delicacies. All kinds of candy trays, chocolates, cakes and other wonders were laid before my eyes. In the end I was asked "what do you want?".

Do you know what I said?
"Nothing. I want a biscuit!"

Moment of silence was followed by moments of laughter. Some amused, some ironic. As if you were going to an Armani store and asking if they had any used clothes. That’s how I was with my choice of a biscuit.
Biscuit made me happy, nothing of that sort was there. I remembered this story … in the morning.
And from here I would like to start talking about happiness. Here is another concept, even more basic, which cannot be defined unanimously. We are happy when we live what we want, when we receive what we want, when we feel without being able to explain that. But it’s definitely something good.

What we live, what we want to receive and what we feel are all so different … that no one can contradict that we do not have that one correct definition of happiness. Psychology tells us that every man has his own version of reality. Thus, nonody is wrong & nobody is right. We are all just different and this gives us all the chance to be happy.

If happiness had meant the position of CEO in the largest company in the world, there would probably be a lot of unhappy people. But so, when we have the opportunity to define our happiness and achieve it, without offering explanations or to fit into patterns. We have the greatest chance in the world: to be happy and to enjoy it with full freedom.

Happiness is a state, not a trait; in other words, it is not a long-lasting characteristic, a permanent feature or a personality trait, but a transient and slightly changeable state.
According to dictionaries, happiness is equivalent to pleasure or contentment, which means that happiness should not be confused with joy, ecstasy or other feelings. Happiness is not necessarily an inner experience, which is about introspection, or external either but it can be – at the same time – both.

Do you see how difficult it is to look up our definition in dictionaries? When we do not understand what we feel or do not understand a concept as such. Although the first tendency is to look into the dictionary, the reality tells us that everything happening within us is important. All questions and answers are within us. When there is a question or a doubt, there certainly is going to be an answer. Maybe not the one you want to give, but it is certainly the one you need – to learn something about yourself.

Psychology teaches us that happiness means personal, subjective well-being. It is perhaps the most accessible definition.

Because it remains open, it gives us this “personal” & “subjective” meaning opportunity to be happy … whatever that would mean for us.

Ana sorina corneanu Happiness is when you get the confirmation you need, when you are convinced of what you are feeling, when you respond to a text message that was important to you, when you brought the ice cream with berries to the park, when you can go barefoot, when you feel freedom through all the pores, when you wake up and enjoy what others, unfortunately, can no longer enjoy.

We are all running so desperately to find happiness, we look for it in all the places it is not, we do not know what to do to reach it, we do not know if we are happy or when we actually are, we just miss the moments, only because then we feel hopeless because we are unhappy.

Too many labels have been put in place, too many hypotheses have been released about what happiness would be like. Most people have tried to standardize it. We often hear “you can’t be happy like that, put your mind in your head”, but happiness remains, above all, equivalent to freedom: with the freedom to add the ingredients that YOU consider to be part of its definition. Make it unique - Yours. You can smile when others think you are “sad”, that you cannot be happy with your choices, because “you will see later”.

Come on, we’ve heard it all – at least once! Someone clearly knows that we cannot be happy the way we want to be, that we will regret it later.

Ana sorina corneanu I believe that the regrets of a failure are preferable to those of a failure. Personally, I regret more of what I did not dare to do … than of what I did and it was not a good idea. I’m not making a tragedy a failure.

In the first minute, I process my conscience, the ego drives me beautiful and graceful – as he knows. Then I shake myself, yes, I shake, I run 5 minutes and make my list of things that make me happy every day, not just from time to time.

We jump from plan to plan, more and more, and when we lose … we tend to consider that we have lost everything, that there is no sense in anything.
Happiness is precisely the understanding that we are not what we have. If we won’t have it … does that mean we won’t be?
We forgot to live simply - to get out of bed and enjoy a simple bike ride. Beautiful day and a beautiful year!

What's happiness for you? The comments below eagerly wait for your words and the happiness of the column right below is in reading from you.

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Ana Sorina Corneanu
My name is Ana, I love writing, I believe in our best self and love.

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