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6 Natural Energy Boosting Foods For Your Workplace

Energy is a component of life that you need to feel fulfilled to make the most of everyday whether at workplace or in personal life. To enjoy every bit of what life has to offer or what you need to deliver at work you need to feel up and high on energy to meet the demands of it all. Here's the selection of natural energy boosting foods to help you. Read ON! 
It’s obvious food plays a pivotal role besides having a strong mind and peaceful soul. Good food brings great value to body and in a sound body you find a sound mind. While fun with family and peaceful times at home need some amount of energy for sure, workplace demands 75% of our life’s time, energy and attention and hence right food can do wonders in getting us to perform and stay at peak of our performance. After all, you wouldn’t want to retire with high stress work life that would have diminished all possibilities of great retirement for you. Consuming chemically enhanced foods can surely bring you short-term gains and kill long term adaptability of your body. Hence, you must look out for natural energy boosting foods.

To get the grab of right foods it’s also important to understand what brings a booster in energy overall, it’s not just a dose of an energy drink. The high protein foods that promise you great energy may not deliver to your needs, for, protein isn’t actually the source of energy to the body. The carbs that you consume actually give rush of glucose to the body that’s responsible for the energy that you might need, but quick consumption of it drains you fast as well. Hence, the proteins come to rescue to slow down the conversion of glucose into energy for you and sustain the energy levels for you. A combination of it all serves you much better. So, here’s a list of natural energy boosting foods that we recommend for your brilliance in work performance and enhanced energy levels.

Roasted Seed Mix

Natural Energy Boosters

What could get better than a mix of whole lot of super healthy roasted seeds. Roasted Seed Mix is only are the thing your taste buds need but also the pal of your health as they are OMEGA-3 rich[they are the good fat that your body just needs]. Pumpkin, Sunflower, Flax seeds and other individual seeds together are a delight to munch on at workspace while you are at your desk or on the move. Simply keep them with you and consume them on the go. The pumpkin seeds prevent diabetic complications by improving insulin regulation in your body. Sunflower seeds have phenomenal nutritional value because they are dense source of vitamins, minerals and essential oils. If you are looking to enhance your workplace experience just bring home this and carry it in your bag[handbag or laptop bag] and know that you’re in for super fun workday.

Gulkand Honey

Natural Energy Boosters

The taste of honey and the fragrance of roses is something that could delight just about anyone. Instead of consuming regular honey in most of your food trying gulkand honey could just take you to most royal times where gulkand honey was preferred by most Mughal queens because of terrific fragrance of roses. Gulkand honey with crushed dry fruits such as raisins, cashews, dates and almonds mixed with the rose petals from ajmer make the sixth element’s gulkand honey the choice over any other. While gulkand honey protects you from nostril bleeding, dizziness & sun strokes it is a natural energy booster that can bea side add for each of your meals in various ways to keep you up and active at your workplace after a meal/snack unlike many who feel drowsy and laidback. The amazing taste and delight to taste buds could definitely act as mood changer bringing fresh air of ideas at work.

Goji Berries

Natural Energy Boosters

Goji berries might ring a bell for some and may be quite a new word for many but the benefits of this food date back much in time. These berries are very helpful in improving the overall mood and energy levels. These help in staying calm. Just what your bosses would need isn’t it? J They also are known to improve an individual’s focus which indeed make them the most important food for workplace snacks to munch to ensure attention and focus aren’t the issue at all. Goji berries improve the quality of your sleep and that simply means the next day at work right from the onset is going to be a solid one. No second thoughts needed at allwhen it comes to grabbing a pack of goji berries for yourself and it’s so much easier to get them online.

Trail Mix

Natural Energy Boosters

Trail Mix is yet another amazing mix for those Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when you need the most. This is a snack that hikers believe in because it’s a snack that is easy to store, lightweight and highly nutritious giving you quick energy dose because of high carbs content. If you are looking at guilt free snacking rich in vitamins and quick in delivery of a much needed energy dose right before a presentation or to kick out the mid-day drowsiness simply trust the granola, dry fruits, nuts and chocolate mix. Horrace Kephart, in his camping guide, recommended a similar mix dating back to 1910. Are you going to be able to wait at all to order your trail mix for the coming work Monday? We couldn’t.

Flavoured Pumpkin Seeds

Natural Energy Boosters

Pumpkin Seeds are small and quite tasty to the taste buds for many. They are rich in various nutrients and provide magnesium, zinc and healthy fats to the body with each consumption. This leads to improved heart health, protection against certain types of cancer, overall betterment of the immune system and prostate health is known to better as well. These also lower blood sugar levels is something that is predicted by many health experts globally but definitely needs more concrete research but what might not need research is that with all these benefits they certainly are a perfect snack to carry to workplace and keep yourself at higher levels of performance at work.

Quinoa Snacks

Natural Energy Boosters

Quinoa snacks are among the fast rising and riding the bandwagon kind superfood that are able to give the benefits of several vitamins, minerals and proteins at once. They have 16% protein content and 70% carbs making them the perfect natural energy boosting food that give the dose of high energy because of high amount of carbs and long sustained energy levels because of the sufficiently rich content of protein in them. This hence qualifies for the perfect snack for the workplace to stay high on energy. Very easy to prepare diverse quinoa snack items like Quinoa Crisps are best fit to eat for a meal and even more easier to make them a part of regular work meal lifestyle. They also help contain several health ailments and help in improving overall digestion too.


If you have other amazing list of foods that are natural and help in boosting your work day energy levels do not hesitate at all in sharing them in the comments below, we simply love learning and would be happy to have our reader incorporate your ideas in their regular workday lifestyles. These 6 are a definite HIT and you wouldn’t regret consuming them regularly. Until next healthy dose of article on understanding Superfoods from our end, we wish you the best workplace meals.

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