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How To Find The Best Student Accommodations In London

London Student Accommodations

Finding student housing or accommodations in London helps you set up a magical learning experience for your students. If you are traveling on your own, you can find a building to live in that is near your school. If you are setting up housing for kids who are traveling together, you can get a suite in a building that is close to the school where they are taking classes. Use the tips below to find a great place for the kids to stay once they get to London.

Remember That London Is A Massive City

Finding student accommodation London properties means that you need to look all over a very large city. London is so big that the cab drivers have to take a test called “the knowledge.” Their brains actually change when they learn all 20,000 streets. Therefore, you cannot choose the cutest location.

You must choose a location that will keep the kids close to the school, and you also need to find a location that allows the kids easy access to other venues in the city that they will attend regularly. Start by pinning the location of the school on your map. You can search in a small radius around that school’s campus.

How Are The Rooms Arranged?

The rooms at the student building are arranged into suites. The suites usually have four or six rooms with a kitchen a few bathrooms. There are also some solo rooms on every floor that will give certain students a higher level of privacy.

If you are traveling on your own, you could stay in a private room so that you have some time to yourself every day. If you would like to be placed with a group, you can take a room in a suite. The rooms have bathrooms with only one door, and the suites have kitchens that have all the tools needed for cooking. Pick the building that you think will be most functional for you.

How Many Kids Are In Your Group?

If you have several kids in your group, you can get them into one suite. You can arrange for the kids to be near other students they know, and you could order more than one suite if you have a massive group traveling to London. If you are leading the group, you should ask the suite layout that you like the most.

You also need to consider allowing a solo student to stay with you. Your group could take in this student, and you will have fun making a new friend.

Is There A Community Of Students In The Area?

It is nice to find a building that is close to other places that have student accommodations. When you have chosen wisely, your students will get to know a lot of different people who are all studying in London. These locations tend to be safer because there are so many kids in the area, and you can arrange group activities because there are so many students that you can invite.

Does The Neighborhood Offer The Kids Things To Do?

When you choose a neighborhood for the kids to live in, you need to find a place that offers the kids things to do. College students will want to be near a pub, a market, and smaller shops that are fun to visit. The neighborhood should help these kids make memories, and it can be a lot of fun for these kids to roam around the neighborhood every day.

Remember that the kids still need to get to school safely, and you may want to choose a busy neighborhood that will be safe to walk in at night.

Is The Building Near A Public Transit Station?

You want the kids to be near a public transit station because they need to be able to get on the tube, a train, or the bus. The kids might have planned to get on the EuroStar to travel into continental Europe, or the kids might need to cross the city for a concert, soccer match, or to have fun. If the kids cannot easily access public transport, they will not have as much fun in the city as they thought.

As mentioned above, London is a massive city. You do not want the kids to feel stuck.


When you are planning a study abroad program, you must find student accommodations that will work for everyone. The kids need to stay in a place that gives them all the comforts of home and a little bit of privacy. The building itself needs to be close to the school where the kids are studying, close to a public transit station, and close to activities that the kids will enjoy. You can send a large group or travel solo when staying in these facilities.

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