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Reasons To Hire Professional Transcription Services For Your Business

Transcription Services Transcription is the process through which a video/audio recorded file of a speech or a meeting, etc. are converted into the text. These can be for various purposes:

- Documentation and record-keeping

- To enable access to hearing-impaired audience of the business,

- Improve SEO of the Video/audio content

Types of business/professions the transcription services are useful for:

While transcription services are a need for every business, here are some of them for whom it will be useful:

1. Law Firms

2. Healthcare

3. Marketing Consultants

4. Media houses

5. Event Organizers

6. Motivational/Keynote Speakers & Life Coaches

7. Education Institutions (for their research students & teachers)

8. Authors

9. Podcasters

Reasons to hire professional transcription services:

Businesses are growing at a fast pace today, with that the growing demand for the transcription services. Here are the reasons a business should opt for outsourcing transcription services to professionals instead of executing it in-house:

Improves focus of Employees:

Transcription Services A company/startup/business might have various requirements for transcriptions:

- Company meetings

- Board meetings

- Client meetings

- Technical support

- Training sessions

- HR meetings

- Marketing

- Technical Presentations

- Video transcription

- Legal aspects

Saving time and increasing productivity through effective time management are important elements of success. Though these transcriptions can be completed by the employees, hiring a professional transcription service instead would enable time of the employees to be saved and invested into the aspects related to the growth of the company.

Saves Money: Only pay for what you need

Hiring a transcriptionist in-house can get expensive as the number of requirements might fluctuate over time. The person recruited as a transcriptionist might have to be engaged in various other roles to create a workload and efficient output in return for the amount invested in them. Whereas, on hiring a professional transcription service, you will only have to pay according to your requirement, and it would be much more affordable than hiring an in-house employee.

Faster delivery: Better Project turnaround time

According to the Transcription hub, on average it takes 2.35 minutes of typing for 1 minute of talking. The employee might take a long time for completing the transcription due to a lack of expertise in the field. Transcription services companies, on the other hand, have a turnaround time of anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours. You are assured of on-time delivery of the transcription. It helps avoid situations wherein the transcribed document was an urgent requirement for a technical presentation of the company; or let’s say, a meeting of a division with the CEO; and there was a last-minute rush as the employee, to whom it was assigned to, could not complete it on-time.

Better quality: Access to specialist expertise

Transcriptionists with the transcription services companies are specialists in the job; hence you can be sure that the document would be accurate with all the important information that might miss the notice of your employee. They also have the right tools to do the work of transcription and are aware of the technicalities. For example, while talking you might have used fillers, but you might not want them to get reflected in the transcribed document (it is called ‘Clean Vertabim’), but your employee might lack that expertise.

Transcription Services It might be difficult for an entry-level employee to understand and grasp the concepts in the files to be transcribed. The specialists work on such documents day-in and day-out. Also, the transcription service companies like GoTranscript make sure that your work gets paired with the transcriptionist experienced with work on documents from the same field of business.

Maintain Confidentiality of the documents:

The documents of your company are confidential; the professional transcription service companies understand that; hence, they offer security protection to your files so that you don’t have to worry about the data landing in the wrong hands and being misused.

Delegating the transcription of confidential company documents to employees would give them access to the information that was supposed to be private to the senior management or the concerned departments, and the chances of misuse of data can’t be ignored.

Which company can provide professional transcription services online?

GoTranscript is one of the renowned transcription services companies in the field since 2014. They are a 100% human-generated transcription service and boasts of transcription time of 144 million minutes to their account.

The services offered by them include:

Transcription Services 1. Transcription:

They provide conversion of video or audio to text. They assure 99% accuracy of the transcription. It is 100% human-generated transcription by native transcribers.

2. English Captions:

You could choose to give captions for your Videos for the access to your content to hearing impaired. The captions also help in increasing your video SEO

3. Foreign Subtitles:

One of the ways to expand your audience is by providing foreign subtitles to your videos.

4. Translation:

GoTranscript provides the translation in 30+ languages by native translators.

If you, therefore, are looking for transcription services for your business consider hiring professional transcription services rather than trying to get it executed in-house. Go-Transcript is certainly a great option if you are looking for transcription services online. If you wish to, you can check out their pricing here. If you are a transcriptionist and looking for transcription jobs click here for more details. If you happen to use the services of GoTranscript, we would love to know your feedback in the comments below.

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