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Lyrical Conversations between Sandhya & Janani are always fun to follow. Here's a few more of those lines to read and enjoy. Read ON!


What classifies somebody as friend, or foe?
Is it that one brings upon us smiles and the other, woe?
And yet ironic it is that for a friend I would take a stab
A stab; decidedly that would rain pain without a tab!

During your hard times, who have a heart to lend,
Is someone I would consider a true friend.
Very tiny a circumference is my friend circle,
But, being with them makes every moment hysterical!

They’re the ones with whom we can take
that bend too steep
That curve too deep
That distance which can be covered only by a leap...
They’re the reason we can see
The upside to what otherwise wouldn’t mean a thing,
The downside of a deal where you’re being crowned king..

They’re the reason sometimes even with that terrible voice we sing,
They’re the ones with whom our deepest dreams take wing

For them I would go a thousand miles,
Just to see those warm wide smiles,
For each one is one hell of a package,
We talk about our whimsical dreams and sometimes garbage.

Does friendship get defined by the duration of it?
Do bonds get stronger only with time?
Is the litmus test only the test of time?
Is there anything that surpasses the bittersweet lime, and the test of time?

With great friendship comes great trust,
If the trust is lost, then the friendship would crumble like a crust.
The bond strengthens when there is a true act of giving your all,
And never let the other person, in any way fall.

Does with great friendship come great trust,
Or with great trust, great friendship?
I find this to be one corollary whose converse is also true,
Friendship and trust, inseparable these two!Janani:
Friendship and trust seem to go hand in hand Indeed,
But once they're mastered, a life long beautiful relationship they lead.
Maintaining a friendship does take a lot of work,
But the result ultimately, is a great piece of artwork!

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