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7 Types Of Apps That Are Must-Haves On Your Mobile

Types Of Apps That Are Must-Haves On Your Mobile We live in a generation in which we are surrounded by devices and technology. The mobile device plays a lot more important role in our lives than it used to for a generation just two decades prior. Statistics show that out of the global population of 7.75 billion, currently there are 6.4 billion Smartphone users worldwide. With nearly 4-5 hours per day spent on mobile by an average individual, mobile phones are an integral part of our lives with the majority of the activities happening on mobile.

With the boom in mobile phone usage, Apps market gas witnessed a steep rise. Reports suggest that there are close to 8.93 Million apps in the world. With this exhaustive number of apps, choosing the ones you want to have on your mobile is a daunting task.

Hence, to simplify this problem, here are some basic types of apps that are a must-have to take your work forward and complete the tasks at hand:

Notes App:

Whether you are an Author, a Content writer, an Entrepreneur, a Professional, a Singer/Musician, or belonging to any other profession, there are high chances that you might get several ideas on the move and you wouldn’t miss out on those; or you have prepared something that needs to be revised; writing down in a physical notebook might make it difficult to access as they aren’t easy to carry everywhere you go. Hence, having a Notes App on your mobile or Tablet can be of great help. Gone are those days wherein you only had ‘Notepad’ on your system/laptop, today there are a plethora of apps you could choose from. The notion, Evernote, OneNote, Trello are some of the popular apps when it comes to notes apps.

Document Scanner:

Every once in a while, we face a requirement of having to scan documents, especially if you are an Entrepreneur or a Professional wherein there is an urgent need for a document to be scanned and sent to someone else. Relying on the scanner machine at your home or office might not work out as there might be a requirement of the scan to fulfill when you are on the move, that’s where the Document Scanning Apps come into the picture. With these apps, you can Scan a document like a receipt, a business card, or any other printer document from your mobile. It provides higher quality than a photo. Using a Document Scanning app makes it convenient, flexible, and helps increase productivity. It would also help you free up the space occupied by the scanner, and also help save money by avoiding having to buy a scanner.

Video Calling:

While Video Calls and Video Conferencing were already on a rise before 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted digitization. The pandemic era saw the global usage of video calls and conferencing like never before. Video conferencing has seen a 535% rise in daily traffic in 2020. [Source] All the meetings of a business started happening virtually through a video call. Hence, having a Video calling app on your mobile helps you be available for the meetings from wherever you are. Apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. are among the popular video calling apps.

Types Of Apps That Are Must-Haves On Your Mobile

eBook Readers:

Are you a voracious reader? Reading books through their eBooks version is on a steep rise and the pandemic has only given it a bigger boost. A physical copy of a book might not be convenient to carry on the move; hence, having an eBooks reader app on your device would be helpful so that you don’t miss out on reading an amazing book on the go. Amazon Kindle, Wattpad, Kobo Books, Google Play Books, FBReader are among the best eBook reader apps available.

Screen Recorder:

Screen recording is a way to capture the activity on the screen, store the content and share it. Why is screen recording important? Well, it enables you to save any type of content, makes it easy to explain issues, makes it easy to show a demo of an app, proves to be technical assistance in recording any bugs, eases the creation of How-to Guides, helps record any evidence, and helps in multitudes of other activities.

Video Editor:

If you are a video content creator, or marketer or anyone who works with videos, the activity of Editing videos is of paramount importance. While earlier it was only possible with editing software that can be downloaded on laptops or PCs; today there are thousands of video editing apps that can help you complete the editing of videos on the go on your mobile. Some of the best video editing apps are Adobe Premiere Rush, InShot, InVideo, Filmora, iMovie, and KineMaster.

Audiobook Player:

Reading books can be very difficult when you are on the move. Printed books or eBooks pose some constraints since you can’t read books while driving; hence Audiobooks bring a solution to this problem. Listening to Audiobooks is on the rising trend; and why not? Audiobooks are convenient, hands-free, helps save time and accelerate your reading, help with better retention, uplifts mood as it feels like talking or listening to music, and much more. So, if you love reading but are able to read less because of your commutes, Audiobooks is for you! Audible, Kobo Books,, Google Play Books, LibriVox, StoryTel are some of the best Audiobooks players.


There are millions of apps available in the market, but we face a constant struggle with the space on our mobile. With this brief and basic list of the type of helpful apps, we hope to simplify it for you and save your effort. Did you find this article helpful? Do let us know in the comments below.

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