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Looking For A Job? Here are 10 Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India That Are Changing The Way You Search For Jobs

Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India The Covid-19 pandemic has created havoc not only for the economies but even in the lives of people. More than 1 million people lost their jobs in the country due to the pandemic. Though the economies are opening up, searching for jobs has become quite a challenge. The conventional job-searching platforms can be frustrating, though, at one point in time, they were a great source to land a good job, over the years, they have increasingly become a source of irrelevant job alerts and unwanted calls for many.
The advancement of technology and the internet has led to developments in the way companies hire, and people search for jobs. Many new platforms have sprouted in the country that envisions revolutionizing the recruitment process in the country for companies and job-seekers alike.

If you feel bogged down by the conventional platforms and looking for better ways to search for a job, here is a list of 10 such non-conventional platforms that are changing the way you search for jobs:

1. Apna:

Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India

Founded in 2019, Apna was initially launched as a job search platform (app) for searching for only blue-collar jobs but has expanded quickly since then. Today, you can search for jobs under 70+ categories, including marketing, software/web developer, business development, human resources, apart from blue-collar job positions like delivery personnel, driver, maid, and many more. With respect to location, jobs are available from 35 cities across the country.

More than just being a job searching platform, Apna is a networking platform connecting companies and job seekers directly. It has over 10 Million users and 150,000 employers from across the country on its platform.

2. Kormo Jobs:

Kormo Jobs is the job-searching app launched by Google. Google had launched Kormo Jobs in Bangladesh in 2018 and then in Indonesia in 2019. The app has been launched in India in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic with an aim towards encouraging employment efforts. You can search for and apply for various jobs roles like a delivery partner, store associate, brand promoter, Chef, Barista, IT Staff, etc. in the industries like logistics, retail & marketing, hotels & hospitality, IT & admin.

3. Indeed:

Indeed is a global job search giant available in more than 60 countries. It allows companies to not only post their requirements but also find potential candidates through shortlisting resumes. The companies can use the targeted resume search facility available. Similarly, job seekers can search for relevant jobs through the search option and apply for them. The numbers say it all about the quality and vast reach of the platform:

- It has 250 million unique monthly visitors to their platform

- 17 Million resumes have been submitted

- 10 jobs are added every second globally

4. Hirist:

Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India

If you consider yourself a technology geek, Hirist is for you. It is an exclusive platform for techies to explore jobs related to the programming languages like PHP, Java, C, C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc. Upon your registration, you will receive a premium list of handpicked jobs according to your skills. If you dream of becoming an Android developer, Blockchain Engineer, DevOps Engineer, AI, IoT Engineer, Java developer, Golang developer, or if you wish to get into analytics & data science- Hirist is the place for you!

5. JobsForHer:

Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India

JobsForHer is the largest career platform exclusively for women in India. Starting in 2015, it today connects more than 2.2 million job aspirants with perfect job matches. It has more than 7500 companies registered on the platform from across the country. They cater to women professionals in the following categories:

- Women Returnees

- Women In Tech

- Women In Leadership

And they will be expanding their reach to Women Starters soon.

6. Vasitum:

Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India

The inception of Vasitum happened in 2019 when the team at Vasitum observed the challenges in the recruitment process. They observed that the staffing consultants were busy with spreadsheets all day and performing their tasks manually. They wanted to solve this, and hence they have created an AI-powered platform for recruiters and job-seekers alike. With Vasitum, you can find relevant jobs to your profile at blistering speed. Companies like NIIT, Cashify, Squareyards, Housing, Lemontree, TCS and many more hire their candidates using Vasitum.

7. Instahyre:

Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India

InstaHyre is another AI-powered job searching platform that is harvesting the power of AI to find you the right job match. Instahyre connects you with the curated opportunities as per your profile. They assure of no fake jobs, no mass emails, and no spamming.

Instahyre is trusted by more than 10,000 companies across the country, including Amazon, Uber, Myntra, Target, and Paytm for their hiring requirements.

8. Cutshort:

Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India

Want to get discovered by more than 10,000 verified companies in less than 15 days? Cutshort is the place to be. Apart from the conventional job boards that are noisy and non-personalized for your context, Cutshort uses AI to balance between the needs of recruiters and you and suggests only the relevant companies based on your professional background, career interests, and skill competencies. It eliminates the tedious activity of filling up long forms and saves you from getting spammed by unwanted calls and irrelevant job alerts.

9. Hirect:

Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India

If you aspire to work with a Startup, Hirect is the platform (app) for you. It is India’s first platform that provides you an opportunity to chat directly with the recruiters (startup companies). It saves time by enabling you to chat with CXLs, Team leaders, HRs, etc., and eliminate any consultants. You can fill up the required details including your proficiency, experience, skill competency, etc. and Hirect will directly suggest you with the companies that are looking for candidates matching your profile. The fast process and verification enable quick communication and interview scheduling. Hirect is founded in 2021 and has been used by more than 1 million people already.

10. Dhiyo:

Innovative Job Searching Platforms In India

Established in 2018, Dhiyo is India’s first Multilingual Conversational AI-based based job-search platform born to solve job market inefficiencies for blue-collar jobs. It is the first-ever platform in the country in which you can use voice to fill up the profile or even search for jobs. You can search for jobs in your language using the advanced voice assistant that would take you through the process from filling up your profile to finding jobs for you. Currently, it supports eight languages and they are in the process of adding more languages.


The advancements in technology and the internet are impacting our daily lives. It has changed the way do things. They have opened doors to many opportunities and bridged the world, making it possible to connect to anyone across the world. But, finding a good job was still a challenge. Hence, the entrepreneurial minds picked that up and built platforms to make the recruitment process efficient for both companies and job-seekers. This list covers some of the platforms from India that are new and innovative and help you get a job faster.

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