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Year End Fundraising Ideas: How to Raise Money for Your Non-profit

How to Raise Money for Your Non-profit As we edge ever closer to December, many people are preparing for the holiday season by purchasing gifts, baking, winding down their workloads, and planning to host friends and family for extravagant meals. However, the work of a fundraiser isn't slowing down but speeding up as the season of year-end giving draws closer.
Instead of getting involved in the typical holiday rush, you're busy planning events and fundraisers as a good percentage of your organization's fundraising goals happen during December, which is why it's vital to make the time count. We've compiled a list of underutilized strategies that will help kick start your fundraising goals while nurturing stronger relationships during this year-end, as the right fundraising event can generate significant revenue for your non-profit.

Bake Sale

A bake sale is a classic fundraising idea and for a good reason. Participants in the sale compete in order to make the most delectable treats possible, and then guests can donate for a chance to try as many as they want before voting for their favorite. People who take part in the bake sale and those that go just to get a taste of something sweet or savory will be talking about the experience for months on end, which will keep your non-profit at the forefront of their minds for an extended period of time.

As a popular choice for fundraising, it's no wonder that many non-profit organizations and charities choose bake sales as their event for the year-end. If you're looking to pull off the perfect bake sale or for more information on how to improve your donations, check out Givebutter for their expert year end giving ideas.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is the perfect event where people can relax, eat some treats, and drink tea, all while supporting your cause. Organize an elegant event where attendees can dress to impress and pay an entry fee into your classy afternoon tea fundraiser. You could partner with local tea shops or bakeries in order to provide your guests with the best tea and the freshest pastries alongside fine china and elegant cutlery.

Cooking Competition

Cooking competitions have become a favorite TV pastime for many people and are a fantastic way to engage your target audience. Begin preparations for your even by rounding up food lovers and supporters for a friendly competition, then give those competing for a specific criterion for the dishes they create, such as using a particular ingredient. In the same way as a bake sale, you can encourage people to pay to taste each dish before casting votes. By allowing people to sign up as chefs or judges, you can appeal to a broader audience that will provide a unique and fun experience for all.

If you'd prefer to make this event virtual, you can pivot away from a cooking competition by turning it into a cooking class. Charge admission to attend the live stream of your event and get a local chef involved to coach your guests through creating an amazing dish in the comfort of their own homes.

How to Raise Money for Your Non-profit Recipe Books

A fantastic way to fundraise in time for the holidays is to release a seasonal recipe book; source recipes from supports and from within your organization to create the perfect cookbook. Ask those submitting recipes to include doodles, notes, and photos so that you can create a unique experience that's personal to your non-profit and reach of to local graphic designers or students to help you design the best recipe book for people to buy as gifts or to help them cook their own festive meals.

Ice Cream Social

It's never too cold for ice cream, and if you're looking for a fundraising idea that is perfect for families and children, an ice cream social is ideal for you. Typically, this type of event is for summer, but you can make it perfect for the colder months with a festive theme and flavors to match. Get in touch with local establishments, and maybe get in touch with the local theater for actors to play famous festive characters to delight the children.

Board Game Night

Another great event for families and children is a board game night; go a step further and cater to people of all ages who love board games by offering a variety of games. Charge for entry and get local businesses to donate prizes for mini-tournaments for players to sign up to.

Movie Night

A popular choice for a fundraising event is a movie night, which you can host at a local park if the weather is warm enough or at a local establishment. You can sell tickets, snacks, and drinks for a movie marathon night or screen a popular holiday favorite loved by kids and adults alike. Additionally, you could encourage people to host movie nights with their own networks where all the guests provide a donation and then host talks about your non-profit at the end of the night where they can also provide more information to those who are interested.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get people exploring your local area and learning about history they never knew existed. Many non-profits hide items are local establishments for players to find, whereas others use digital apps for those taking part to submit pictures of what they were supposed to find. Charge a fee for players when they register and offer hints or head starts in exchange for donations when the scavenger hunt starts; you could also provide trash bags and offer bonus points for whoever collects the most trash as they complete the hunt as a way to also clean up your local area.

Talent Show
A talent show is a great way to get the whole community together and excited; you could let anyone sign up and perform, or you could hold auditions and only let the best talents put on a show for patrons who have bought tickets.
As well as an entry fee, you can save money by allowing the guests to vote for their favorite acts before you announce the winner; you can also provide a trophy for the winners or partner with establishments in your area to donate prizes for the top three contestants.

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