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Learn How to Successfully Outsource App Development in 2021

Explore four expert tips on app development outsourcing to make sure the process goes smoothly and efficiently. Read ON!

Outsource App Development in 2021 Outsource app development in 2021: Top tips to make it beneficial for your business

Application development outsourcing could be a great way to afford a suitable digital solution, without spending too much money. App development is very expensive and having a chance to build an application on a smaller budget is a lifesaver for startups and new businesses. Let’s take a look at the best four tips for outsourcing app development.

What is mobile app development outsourcing?

To outsource app development means to contract a third-party vendor to take care of app development tasks for you. You can delegate some of the tasks or outsource the entire project altogether: it is totally up to you.

App development outsourcing tips

How to outsource app development in the most effective way to guarantee a great outcome?

Make an Outline for Your App

Application development outsourcing implies giving up a big portion of the control and handing it over to a service provider. As scary as it seems, if you provide a concrete outline for your app idea, you will most likely receive what you ordered. Conduct thorough market research, determine the target audience, define the essential features, and provide as much input as you can.

Estimate your budget

There are three main factors that drastically affect the cost of app development: app complexity, number of features, and the location of the app development company. By now, you already know which features you will be including and their complexity level and the location is something you can choose at this stage. Outsource app development to companies in Eastern Europe, such as Ukraine, to receive the same quality as other areas at an affordable price.

Outsource App Development in 2021 Evaluate App Developers

Now that we know the location, let’s look for a company that would take on your project. To successfully outsource app development, visit websites and check out portfolios of various vendors to find projects similar to yours. Afterward, call them to ask more questions to determine how technically skilled they are in order to build your application type. Finally, get a quote from the vendor to find out whether you can afford to pay the outsourcing app development cost at this company.

Communication and tracking the progress

After choosing a software development vendor and finalizing the terms, make sure to establish a continuous communication flow. Delegating app development does not mean you do not have a say anymore. Regular communication allows you to monitor the process, make some changes, and avoid surprises at the end of the cycle.


Among the numerous benefits of outsourcing app development, there are cost and time savings, reduced stress, fewer risks, and more time to spend on strategic tasks. If you would like to build a high-quality mobile solution on a tight budget, outsource your app development tasks.


How much does it cost to outsource mobile app development?
The costs depend on the app and the vendor’s location: in Eastern Europe, you will pay from $35 to $70 per hour, while in the US from $75 to $200/hour.

How to outsource app development in 2021?
Plan out your application idea, estimate how much you can afford to spend, find a suitable team of developers, finalize details with the vendor, and make sure to establish continuous communication with them.

How much does it cost to outsource app development in Eastern Europe?
In Eastern Europe, the costs of app development outsourcing are roughly $35 to $70 per hour.

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