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Top 4 Gift Ideas For New Employees

Gift Ideas For New Employees Your new employee’s first day: it’s the moment they’ve been waiting for since they received their job offer, but also one that’s bound to be filled with a few nervous jitters. What better way to soothe those concerns than by providing them with the perfect welcome gift? What’s more, by doing so, you instantly establish yourself as a caring and empathetic employer!

Choosing the perfect gift needn’t be a challenge, either. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to select the ideal present that makes a great first impression – and says ‘welcome’ in the warmest possible way!

Personalised Keepsake Gifts

While generic gifts are welcome, personalized ones are even better. Why not give your new team employee an extra-special keepsake, to mark the occasion of their first day? Something special that also serves a purpose, such as an engraved pen set, has the wow factor but is also something they will find useful, both in their new role and elsewhere. Just like how, having your company logo napkins in your company canteen also sends a strong ‘welcome to the organisation’ message, engraved logos are a great touch. 

Sweet Treats

Cake, biscuits, muffins, tray bakes... everyone has their favorite sweet treat, and ordering in a selection can put everyone at ease, as well as saying ‘welcome!’ in the most homely fashion. Organizing a company ‘brunch’ filled with tasty indulgences makes for a warm and relaxed welcome, reception – both for your new recruit and the rest of your office. Many local bakeries offer special packages or deals for neighboring companies, so this can be worth exploring.

Gift Ideas For New Employees Branded merchandise

As well as pen sets, sending out your brand’s message through the merchandise is a positive way to engage your new employee in the ethos of your company, whilst also building the potential for them to become a brand ambassador. Make them feel part of the team and absorb them in your core values while gifting them something useful. Company apparel and especially useful items such as branded water bottles, clothing, or bags serve both purposes and have the added bonus of being useful – and so less likely to be discarded. What’s more, if the rest of your team all sport their logo-printed hoodie, then making sure your new recruit has one from day one is a sure-fire way of creating an instant sense of belonging.


Books make great gifts. In a digital age, a physical book can feel special and significant, something tactile and bestowed with importance. What’s more, the book you choose can add another layer of meaning. A personal or professional development book, embodying the core values of your company, might be motivational and signal what your brand is all about, while a copy of your favorite novel can strike a really personal chord. Make sure you add a handwritten note, either on the inside cover or in an accompanying card. Starting a new job is an exciting but nerve-wracking time. Equally, setting off on the right footing with a new employee can be stressful too. Showing your employee you want them to feel welcome by offering them a thoughtful gift is an ideal way to put everyone at ease.
What’s more, it helps you to strike the perfect welcoming note and begin building that professional relationship you hope will last for many years to come!

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