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Tips for Organizing a Smooth Long Distance Move

Organizing a Smooth Long-Distance Move A move requires preparation, and if, in your case, you are going for a long distance moving, everything must be organized further in advance to avoid stress. Above all, you have to prepare and plan a lot of things beforehand. In most cases, those using the service of a moving company are moving outside of their state. If you ever need some help, here are some tips on how to organize your long-distance move without a hitch.

Choose your moving period wisely

A move needs to be organized, and the period in which it is organized is also important. Some are to be avoided, and others to be chosen.

For example, it is better to avoid moving on Saturdays, in summer, and during school holidays.

These periods are often overloaded. And whether you plan to hire one of the full service moving companies or rent a moving truck yourself, their availability will be reduced and the rates higher during these periods.

So if you can organize your move rather in the low season, that is to say, in winter or spring, or even in the middle of the week, you will be a winner.

Find help moving

Are you looking to rent a vehicle or book one fully for the move? So as not to worry about your moving truck once it is unloaded, consider renting one way.

The long-distance means that you or the mover will not need to be able to go back and forth as you see fit between the cities in the old and the new accommodation.

So one-way rental or moving service will allow you to rent your truck at point A and leave it at point B, which should be in a location very close to your new home.

You or the mover won't need to worry about a return trip just to drop off your rental vehicle at the departure location.

Organizing a Smooth Long-Distance Move

Go Lighter

What if this long-distance move was an opportunity for you to get rid of certain clothes, objects, or furniture? And yes, seize the opportunity of this new beginning to sort and get rid of things that no longer have any use for you.

If this item of clothing or kitchen utensils has not been used in the past year, it is not really useful.

Take only what is necessary. Sell ??your old sofa before you leave and buy a new one for your new home when you get to your new home. As you can see, moving your home is also an opportunity to upgrade your furniture.

More specifically, it will allow you to save space in your moving truck.

Whether you move yourself or with the help of professional movers, the truck that will transport all your items will be chosen according to the number of boxes and furniture.

It's mathematical. The more things to move, the longer and more expensive the move. The bigger the truck, the more expensive it is.

So think smart and do some serious sorting in advance for an easier and faster move.

This is particularly an opportunity to donate your clothes and your books or to sell some of your furniture.

Don't Bring Food

The boxes will stay for many hours in the moving truck and potentially in the sun.

To avoid rot and mold, we advise not to load food into the truck. Possibly non-perishable foods like pasta or rice, but that's it.

It's also unnecessary to bring in food since you can get it in your new location.

Organize the trip

For a long-distance move, it is necessary to plan your trip, whether you are moving alone or with the help of professionals. You should think about the following before jumping the gun:

  • mileage
  • tolls
  • possibility of moving with your truck.

Thinking about all these in advance could help avoid unpleasant surprises.

For example, prepare a moving route depending on the moving vehicle (size, weight, consumption, cruising speed, etc.) or even the period and time of the chosen (peak period or not).


Planning a move, especially to a long-distance city, can be daunting. But you have to bring your organizational skills, reduce weight and eliminate anything that can add to the weight and what you pay. Finally, do your research and find a moving company.

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