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5 Best Things To Do With Old Social Media Ad Campaigns

Old social media ad campaigns Social media campaigns are the heart and soul of your business's online marketing efforts. When done correctly, it can yield significant results for the organization in the long run. However, running social media campaigns is unlike managing social media profiles. Social media campaigns are designed for a specific purpose and have a fixed set period. Thus, the strategies used for social media campaigns differ from managing social media profiles. In time, numerous old social media campaigns are used for past business endeavors. The question now lies in how we can utilize old social media campaigns in strategizing new ones.

Use Existing Platforms In A New Light

Noting the success of previously executed social media campaigns can inspire the creation of new ones. Old social media campaigns that worked provide a glimpse into how to create thought-provoking and consumer-enticing advertising modalities that increase consumerism and product marketability.
However, be very careful in creating new content similar to or copied from its predecessor. Using old social media ad campaigns is to know what strategies have already worked and are still working. The ideas derived can then be used to create new social media campaigns that are based on the business' specified goals.

Set Room For Innovation

Old social media campaigns tend to be recycled as new and fresh social media content grows thin. However, social media campaign creators should refrain from practicing recycling content since consumers tend to notice this practice. What can be done is to create major revamps on the campaign if it cannot be avoided to reuse the same ad content.
Creating a daily, weekly, or even monthly series is one way to make ad viewers develop a sense of curiosity and mystery about what the advertisement's content will be like in the future. Moreover, the data gathered from these ads should serve its purpose. You may subject the intel through data commercialisation and hopefully, find something that would lead to a more revenue stream.

Old social media ad campaigns Incorporate Giveaways And Raffles

Adding occasional raffles and product giveaways is a great way to spice up old ad campaigns. People cannot resist the power of "freebies" .Thus, business needs to capitalize on this human behavior and create creative raffles and giveaways that let consumers be constantly on their toes while posting new social media campaigns. Also, adding hashtags is the simplest way to track consumers interested in joining the free contest.

Practice Social Media Takeovers

Social media takeovers work by allowing full access and control of your social media campaign in the hands of another person. It usually runs for 24 hours. Letting renowned social media influencers and celebrities increases online social media presence due to active audience participation. This is a surefire way to create new content whenever you run short on social media topics and ideas. In addition, allowing someone else to take over your social media campaign set on a particular period gives a new flavor to what you are initially offering.

Pin, Retweet, Regram, And Reshare

Never be afraid of feedback coming from fans and followers. All social media content can be something other than yours at all times. Sometimes, it is best to promote relevant brands, photos, and articles that abide by the character of your social media campaign. Collaboration is a great way to increase content ideas while at the same time increasing overall brand reputation and consumer awareness.

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