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What Makes Festoon Lights Australia So Popular?

Festoon Lights Australia If you've been decorating or designing an area, whether indoors or outdoors you're aware that lighting is crucial to creating the right mood. You've probably also experienced the festoon lighting since they've been in the spotlight for a while now. Even if you've never changed a bulb in your life, odds are you've been soaked by the warm light of these lights at least once.

If you are interested in learning more about the festoon lighting process and the reasons that make it special, you've come to the right spot. We have collaborated with experts like Fusion Lighting to give you more insight. You may not be an expert in lighting after reading this article however, you'll definitely be enthralled by the lighting of festoons If you're not already. Therefore, without further delay let's shed some more illumination on Festoon Lights Australia.

What are the definitions of festoon lights?

Because we take lighting seriously, we'll follow the rules and start by defining it. Don't get alarmed! We're not going to turn this into boring and tedioHome Deus instruction about festoon lighting. Festoon lights, also known as party lights, or sting lights as they are often known - are big lights connected by an electrical cable that is flexible and then hung outside or inside with a garland.

The word"festoon" originates from the Latin festival, which translates to feast. As the name suggests, it originally meant the decorations for a feast, such as garlands and wreaths. However, the meaning of the word changed over time, and today the term is used to describe the drooping shape created by the light fixtures as they hang loosely.

It's likely that you've seen the lights of festoons in American films from the 50's. This is because the United States is where festoon lighting first gained popularity. The trend soon caught on in other countries too and the festoon lighting began to rule the globe and shine in various venues around the globe.

Why are the lights of festoons so sought-after?

Do we really need to discuss why festoon lighting has been a huge hit and won't go out of fashion? We could go on for hours about how amazing festoon lights have become, therefore we'll go on about it even if it seems as if we're repeating the same thing.

Festoon Lights Australia Lights from Festoons are very adaptable and could be utilized in a myriad of ways. They can be hung in zig-zags across the outdoor patio or cover them with trees, or use them to frame shelves, mirrors or frames or whatever else you want to do can be done. There are a myriad of possibilities in creating a space that is adorned with festoon lighting. All you need to do is follow the lighting or let the creativity of your mind take you in the right direction.

They can be used outdoors and indoors. However, before heading to the shop to purchase a string of fluorescent lights, make sure you choose ones that are compatible with the lighting plan you have in mind. The ones with either an IP number of 20, or 23, are best suitable for indoor use. If you plan to put them outside choose festoon lights that have an IP44 rating as they're waterproof and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
If you're looking to create the atmosphere for a party or special event, then festoon lighting is the best option. They emit a fantastic atmosphere and are suitable for any occasion and place. You can create a romantic setting at a wedding, or liven the atmosphere of an event or party, or even create a warm and welcoming space to a spot outside to eat with your loved ones, festive lighting has got the job done.

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