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A Friend, A Book and A Dream

There I was in Chester, waiting at a community center for my first in-person meeting with David Prosser. I was so excited and jittery to finally meet him and his family. But it wasn't David that I saw first, but his amazing wife, Julia. It was so CRAZY! I mean, I was waiting to meet someone I've only seen in pictures and a few YouTube videos. And then, as soon as I saw his wife, I felt as if I have seen her before and I just absolutely know who she was. It was an amazing experience to meet someone for the first time halfway around the world and already knowing who they were. I actually took off running to meet up with her.
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When we finally got to sit down (after giving Julia and David Prosser and their beautiful daughter, Yvonne, the biggest hugs I could manage) I got to talking and I just couldn't stop. I was so excited to be with them and just loved every little moment I had. Julia was sitting at the end of the table across from me just smiling at all of my jibber-jabber. She was laughing at me when I said something goofy, which isn't a very unusual thing for me to do when I'm excited. But I just loved making Julia happy, especially since it made David happy in return. I'm afraid I talked my head off.

Our meeting was such a miracle in the first place; the thought of having to leave was so hard. Which I had to do all too soon! Having to go back to my Ambassador group and leave my wonderful friends was made even more difficult knowing that Julia has Pancreatic Cancer.

Whoa, that sentence is even hard to type. I don't know how but she faces her illness with such spirit and "spunk" (that's a great word). She has poise and grace too, but it's her spunk I admire. It might be an American term, it's like pluck, courage, nerve and boldness all rolled into one package. It's this unstoppable spunkiness that has led her to write an amazing book about her journey with Cancer. Hello My Name is Cancer, "tells about Julia's relationship with her beloved horses, with family and friends; it shows how life should be lived no matter how much time we think we have or don't have. It is a story of pain, courage, loyalty and the way to self-knowledge. It's for anyone going through difficult times because no matter what the trouble is, Julia's story will help regain balance and perspective" It is a book of encouragement in life's difficult journeys. Such a beautiful gift Julia has given us and she isn't done yet.
Julia's love for horses and riding is such an integral part of who she is that she is donating ALL of her proceeds from Hello My Name is Cancer to the Pennant Park Wishes Fund, through which she is hoping to bring Pennant Park stables up to RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) status. The owners of Pennant Park Stable, Carl and his wife Storm would like to be RDA approved so that they can be of benefit to the local disabled community. RDA is a fantastic therapy which is proven to improve the wellbeing of the mentally and physically disabled. These gentle animals have an amazing effect even on autism. Julia has been forced to travel long distances in her weakened condition to a RDA stable for therapy rides. It has been very difficult for her but she is determined to make things better for her community. It's on her "bucket list."

This has been an incredibly difficult article for me to write. I'm so glad it's on a computer and not paper. I'm just too emotional. When thinking of Inspiration this month there was only one thing on my mind and that's Julia. She is an Inspiration to us all.

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Patricia Carrigan
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