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Faithful Are The Seasons

In the soft hours of morning,
I breathe in the crisp air;
Though Summer is in full bloom,
I feel Autumn is near.

The shift of the seasons
Surely approaches now;
The months faithfully follow
As our Lord God does allow.
faithful are the seasons,nature
Yea, faithful are the seasons
To the Lord's perfect plan;
Faithful are the seasons,
Yet how faithful is man?

As a day surely ends
At its twenty-fourth hour,
So too do I yield
To God's timing and power?

In the dawn of morning
Rises surely the glowing sun;
So too am I faithful
To God, the Eternal One?

The days continually march
In weeks ordered of seven;
Faithfully then do I march
To pearly gates of Heaven?

As Summer loses her warmth
To make way for Fall,
So too do I yield to God
To make Him King of all?

Heed the seasons,
For much wisdom they bear;
He who has ears,
Let him listen, let him hear.

The days and the seasons
Display God's plan in glory;
May our lives too then
Bear witness of His-story.

Lord, we worship You,
We embrace Your perfect plan;
We are Your humble instruments,
Each woman, each man.

Accept our lives as offerings,
We offer all to You now;
Your Way we will follow,
This, Lord God, we vow.

Yea, as the faithful seasons,
So too may we glorify You;
We yield to Your plan, O Lord,
You are the Reason for all we do.

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