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I Am A Winner

I am a crusader
for killing "slums" today,
I am a survivor,
for facing death today,
I am a juggler
for arranging all those discrepancies today,
I am a winner
for overcoming "CRUSADER" today...
i am a winner,crusader
I am a master
for living life today,
I am a terrorist
for haunting "DEATH" today,
I am a devil
for possessing "EVIL I" today,
I am a demon
for terrorizing recession today...

I am a child
for loving people today,
I am a teenager
for committing a mistake today,
I am a creature
for being a part today,

I am an opener
for playing a century today,
I am a HUMAN
to inherit "Humane" today....

I am a sea
to flow amidst barriers today,
I am a whale
to eat "weak" today,
I am a ship
to carry passengers today,
I am a inspiration to live
for hunks that are dying today...!!

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