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Three Questions

The three simple questions that rule our life every moment are 'What', 'Why' and 'How'. Everyone who is born on this earth has to die one or the other day. There is this small span of time that we live on this earth between our birth and death which we call as life. One of the famous statements running around all social networking sites today is 'stop existing, start living because life is once'. What is the difference between living and existing in a life? Probably when you take control of what's happening in your life it's called living and when your surroundings direct the path of your living it's called existing is what I interpret the earlier statement as.
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What are the dreams that you have dreamt so far? What is that you want out of life? If you can answer these two simple questions 33.33% of your life is solved. Unfortunately in today's world people are not even clear as to what they want. Without knowing what they want, they are sad that they are not getting what they want. Clarity of definition of goals, dreams, desires and visions is the first step of life. Many try to skip this step and hence end up failing and falling because the steps of life are not simple steps of concrete that you can jump over. Each and every step of life is there for a reason which cannot be skipped or jumped over. If you can clearly ask and answer yourself as to all that that you want and write them down, it will be the best help that you can serve yourself.

The degree of motivation behind any work depends on the degree of happiness and satisfaction that the result of the work can bring you. Only when you are clear with what you will be getting out of working for something will you work towards it strongly. So the second very important question is 'Why you want what you want?' If you can chart out all the real reasons behind your necessity or desire and draft them against every item on your 'what-I-want-list', then this will perfectly answer the strength of WHY behind every WANT of yours which will solve next 33.33% of your life. Stronger the Why, better are the chances of accomplishing because better will be the prospects of one working towards achieving.
This is the only question that no one needs to answer to other or to the self. Probably this is the only question that gets answered automatically in the process of answering the first two questions What and Why. For everything in this world there is a particular set of algorithmic steps that take us towards completing the task to get the reward. This process gets known in the process of research and search for answers to the first two questions. Also the answer to How is always specific and never generic which will complete hundred percent of your life.

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Mohan BN
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