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Dr. Indu Singh - A Versatile Doctor With Extra-Ordinary Abilities

"It is important for every woman to have knowledge about the health and related issues, not only about her reproductive system but also about the various other aspects of her body." says this versatile leader. Read ON!
Could you brief us about your work where-abouts?

    I am presently working as :
  • Managing Director of G.V. Meditech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Managing Director of Apollo Clinic, Varanasi
  • Managing Director of Surya Super Speciality Hospital with Max Heart Command Centre, Varanasi
  • Director, Samutkarsh Welfare Services, Varanasi.
  • As Consultant (Obs. and Gynae.), Surya Hospital, Ghazipur, UP.
Since when are you serving as a doctor?

Since 1980

Why did you choose Gynecology?

Taking inspiration from my mother who was unofficially the doctor and friend of the entire city, I decided to pursue my career as a gynecologist to work for the upliftment of the health and social condition of women. In my company, more than 50% of the employees are women and that is one of my biggest achievements.

How was your childhood? Who inspired you to become a doctor?

Very satisfying! My father Prof. G.R. Sharma, who was a professor at the Allahabad University, never discriminated between daughters and sons and motivated me to make my dream to achieve a leading position in the medical profession come true.

What were the challenges that you faced during your journey to success?

I believe that every day brings a new challenge with it. How do you feel having achieved so many things?

It definitely feels good, but on the other hand, it motivates me to do more and provide better services to the community in and around Varanasi, who are forced to travel a lot in order to fulfill their medical requirements.

We saw that you are keen in the study of PCOs. What are PCOs and generally who are the people who suffer from it?

It is a polycystic ovary syndrome. Usually young girls, as young as 11 years, suffer from it. PCO's need to be managed through lifestyle modifications and other medications in order to prevent problems.

What are the measures that a woman should be taking to have a healthy life?

Managing lifestyle, eating right and exercising a lot.

Out of your experience, what is that one most common mistake a woman does?

Not standing for oneself and letting others lead one's life is the most common mistake which we Indian women often deal with.

Could you list few important To-do's for teenage girls and married women?

Women's health, as well as knowing the conditions and diseases that may occur is important for a woman through different stages of her life. Educating yourself about transition into different phases of life is key to lead a healthy, happy and productive life.

It is important for every woman to have knowledge about the health and related issues, not only about her reproductive system but also about the various other aspects of her body.

Your message to our readers

Be truthful to oneself having sincerity of thought, fearlessness of attitude to face all odds, power of persuasion to see one's thoughts translate into reality, and above all, follow your heart and dreams because dreams do come true.

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