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Set a new zero

Life happens in different stages. Every stage is a step to reach the next stage. While you're climbing the steps you need to climb one after the other or two after two based on your agility. However every step you take requires the same amount of energy and efforts. Climbing the first step is as equivalent as climbing the 10th step from the 9th step. Likewise in life also, to climb from one stage to the other the amount of energy and efforts required are the same. We cannot bank upon our previous achievements and work and hence become complacent or ig-norant towards the amount of hard work required. We have to set a new starting point for our-selves, a new ZERO standard.
Once you set a new standard of zero for yourself, you shall forget all that you've achieved till now in life. There is no pressure of performance and you are just like a free bird who can fly as high as your heart wishes to go. The freedom of mind is more than essential to make new sto-ries happen. There is no limit to the achievements and accomplishments that one can amass in his kitty. It's all in the game of mind. You need to tell yourself when you're at the peaks that you shall break open the gates of complacency and restrictions set upon your mind just because of the self-image that you have built. A new image is awaiting to share your persona. Any new idol is formed only when we have the absolutely-no-form clay lump. A de-formed idol cannot form a new idol for us. Hence we need to bring back ourselves to ground zero to re-launch ourselves.

Many might have a doubt whether we will lose out on everything and start all of a sudden newly when we reset our life at zero once again. It's not going to be that way at all. When you set your standards to be zero, your experiences don't become null. They shall back you up for sure. Your ex-pectations out of yourself reduce because nothing much is expected out of a novice. The fun in planning for optimum utilization of resources ceases to exist with overly available resources. The loveliest part of life is not the number of times we succeed alone but the number of times we fail and bounce back to success. This can happen only if we allow ourselves to fail. Except for the beginner's luck, someone who starts or restarts at zero is bound to fail to learn the next lesson of life only to enhance the productivity multifold. Let's set a new zero in our life every time we grow old and make ourselves young once again.

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Mohan BN
Mohan BN is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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