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The World Needs Role Models

Being a role model is not just about setting an example, it's about living and striving to a better, truer version of yourself. For a better quality of life everywhere. As parents, teachers, friends, family we reach each other's lives every single day, in every single moment. I believe that being a public figure not only as an actor, social personality, but as a writer and or author we have the power to reach and influence, to touch others' lives and give them the gift of beauty the world so desperately needs.

A simple gentle word, a kind gesture, or even just listening makes a difference to someone and will go a long way. The gift of inspiring not only reaches others, it reaches you, gives the giver so much more in return than you could have ever imagined. But the commitment and the delivery have to be there.

The snowball effect takes place and we pay it forward, by touching someone's life today, the feeling grows into so much more and not only does that person feel its beauty and energy - so do you; and this in turn heals you as much as it is intended to heal others. What makes a role model a role model? Passion and the ability to inspire, acceptance of others, the ability to be compassionate, and how you go about overcoming obstacles. Being confident and instilling confidence in others is a pure magic on its own. When the world feels like it is about to collapse on you, take a step back and acknowledge those around you respond to your reactions. Let your light shine on.

"I think mentors should be role models, BUT a role model who hasn't forgotten where s/he came from, how s/he got to where s/he is now and always looking back to see if s/he can help those that came from the very same place. -Jeanette"

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Carlyle Labuschagne
Carlyle Labuschagne is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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