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What if We Could Change History?

How do we live into the future when our present is so filled with "if only?" What if only I had been a better student? What if only I had moved to London when I had the chance? What if only I had eaten a more healthy diet? What if only I had taken the other path? What if only I had been born at a different time? If, if, if, if, and then more if until the "iffing" fills our lives.

Regrettably, many of us are stuck in our past. Our past may be one filled with regrets of lost opportunities, filled with the pain of a laundry list of mistakes, and filled with feelings that make us feel as if we are carrying the world on our shoulders. Ever seen a person whose current life is a mirror of all of the negative feelings of the past? They walk through their days dragging the past as if they are dragging a two ton boulder.
So, what if we could change history? We all know that the past is the past, never to be changed by anything we can do in the here and now. Or, can it be changed? The answer is a resounding YES! We change history with every passing moment and the choices that fill our lives. If we choose to focus on positive things like, for example, eating a healthy diet from now on, our future will be changed. We can look back in a few weeks, months or even years and say, "I changed history."

There are so many pressing global concerns in our world today. Let's take a look at one concern, namely hunger. . Hunger seems to have existed for all of our planet's history. In one of the wealthiest nations on Earth, the United States, many children go to bed hungry every night. They and their families live with food insecurity. The "experts" have told us that this is a solvable problem and that we can put hunger, especially childhood hunger, in our past. So, what do we need to do to change history?

Asking the question is the first step toward a rewrite of history. The answer to hunger may be found by not wasting food, sharing more food, making healthy food more accessible, or planting more food. We can change history when we ask the questions and then turn our answers into choices we make for our collective future. World hunger is a two ton boulder that we continue to drag behind us. We can change our future and get rid of this boulder, and many more, if we are willing.

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Karen Olson Johnson
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