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Life is strange!

Life is strange,success
You never know when life can knock you down and give you shocks! These can be good and bad! You might not be expecting it. This is life! Here nothing can be predicted! It's a journey which everyone has a ticket of but no predicted stops! Your journey might be over now at this moment or tomorrow or many years later! No one knows when! This is life!
But do you always sit and wait for life to take you wherever you are destined to or you want to make sure you get the nearest possible stop that you want to and are living for? Just sitting and doing nothing will never take you anywhere in life! You have to be constantly working and crafting your life so that you get what you want! But how do you do it?

That completely depends on you! You want it the hard way or the easy way! But yes! Do remember that working hard will surely give you success! Some people may get it sooner and some later but success is guaranteed only if you work hard!

Nothing can stop you from getting success once you start working hard! Start working hard and success will come running behind you! Another point to remember is that you must have clarity in life! Working hard without knowing where you have to reach will also take you nowhere!
Some people say that they have been working hard for long but haven't yet tasted success! A simple reason might be the clarity that they don't have! They might not have any clarity and may be simply working hard! This will never take them anywhere! Have clarity in life, set a goal and work hard- Success is yours for sure!

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Purav Parekh
Purav Parekh is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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