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Worth of Golden Life

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It's very much true that there's never a right time for doing something right just because we have one life and the duration of our time on this earth isn't known to any of us. It's always better to be late than never. We have been listening to the saying - "Student life is golden life". But the question is, "Is there a point in this if one really doesn't have something remarkable and memorable other than fun to look back at one's, so called, Golden life?" No friends, the answer is NO. I've heard people telling about their college days as funfilled days but it's very rare to hear something very remarkable like achievements that one has done during college days along with studies, fun, friends and normal routine. It's an unfortunate truth! 

I believe that there's a lot of potential in youth and, if channelized properly they really can create wonders! It's just that the youth aren't aware of their hidden capabilities which have to be brought out after a series of polishings.
A student, or rather, youth will have more grasping power, capability, time, resources, questioning and reasoning abilities and what not compared to those who have crossed the age of youth! Experience is the greatest teacher in life and experience of a person in any field that matters is more important than the age of the person. So, if one starts walking an extra mile in  the direction of one's goal since college days, then definitely, one's experience would be more and this can make one to proudly look back and give a pat for oneself.

Today is a day I feel that I should really put in more efforts than I've been putting to proudly look back at my college days. Friends, it's just that you should never lose out on any opportunity that you feel can make you a better person than yesterday and a much better person for your coming tomorrow! You never know where that can take you. My biggest dream is, "If I can give back at least 10% of whatever I've obtained and gained from my inspirations and role models, it would be great justice and worth taking from them."
Worth of some of the greatest possessions are known better if you have had the experience of not having them sometime ago...

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Aashitha R Pade
Aashitha R Pade is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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