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A daughter could ever wish for

With the beautiful and happy memories of the past, and the aspirations of today to transform into the dreams of a lovely tomorrow, a daughter steps out of her cocoon to build her own. That day makes your mind go haywire and emotions to torrent. This poem is for those lovely parents who still keep their daughter's room intact with her old dresses and toys in place and for those beautiful daughters who have no simple way to say, "I miss you mum and Dad!"
A daughter could ever wish for,memory
All the daughters wish
to be loved & cherished forever
With all granted, all I ever wanted was
to never be apart from you ever...

But the long awaited day has come
Leaving you behind, I will step ahead
But I will not be lonesome
For your love will never fade...

You know me more than me
Much more than what mirror can see
You know what to say and what to do
When I am happy or feeling blue...

Thank you for being my hope
Without you I could never cope

You are my listener
You are my teacher
You are my parents
My life's best saints...

I am my best because of you...

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Devina Shekhawat
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