Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.



The world outside my window, to me, a bustling noise,
Yet turning with purpose for every being with full poise.

Each life a different story, a different learning,
All it takes is to open your eyes to see the meaning.
Behind a smile, a tear, is an experience in motion,
Would you dare exploring a fathomless ocean?

One man's misery is another man's grin,
A satisfied ego and you think you win!

A life is meant to love and be humble,
Instead in a cocoon of pride you obliviously crumble.

Soul searching is time wasted you say,
For people who sought solace in it, you lead a life so gray!

The picture outside my window, so random and plain,
Yet the depth it carries conveys so much to gain!

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Apoorva K R
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